These Ninja Gaiden III Screens Were Probably Pretty Before Someone Poured Blood Over Them

The next chapter in the story of dark Japanese hero Ryu Hayabusa will take a look at the man beneath the mask; a man that struggles internally over every life he takes. I'm guessing that's after he showers off the gore.

Once you wipe away the blood you'll see these screenshots are depicting Ryu's trip to modern-day Dubai, where he'll struggle against the machinations of the Alchemist Forces and his own inner demons, stabbing both with equal parts ferocity and remorse. He'll also run into Mizuki McCloud, an attractive young woman that, judging by the fact that she's not bathing in offal, Ryu seems to be friends with. Or maybe Tecmo Koei is just saving the bloodbath for later.

We'll know for sure early next year, when Ninja Gaiden 3 hits the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


    Quick, someone call PETA! Innocent alchemists are being skinned!

    I spot another Australian RC on the horizon...

    I spot another Australian RC title on the horizon...

    Girl in last screenshot is Robert Patterson.
    There, i said it.

    DeeDub76, hahaha you beat me to it, its the first thing i thought after taking a look at the screenshots, I started to type it up then saw your post.... Unless all hell breaks loose and we actually get an R18 classification sorted, which i donrt see happening for another 18 months

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