Things That Should Exist: Minecraft Legos

People love building real-world things in Minecraft. Buildings, works of art, board games, starships. (Okay, those aren't real. Yet.) However, there's a distressing lack of ways to build Minecraft things in the real world. One brilliant solution gets floated here and it's such a patently obvious idea that you'll howl at the fact that such a thing does not already exist.

Minecraft — like many a successful video game franchise before it — clearly got much of its essence from the creativity first sparked by Legos. With the way that adult Lego enthusiasts help sustain the popularity, I think there'd be enough interest for the Leg powers-that-be to at least do these proposed sets as limited-editions. Then, maybe we could get a Lego Minecraft game built by a team-up of Mojang and Travelers' Tales folks. Hey, if we're going to dream, let's DREAM, damn it.

[Lego Cuusoo, via Reddit Gaming]


    I am a Dwarf and I'm digging a hole, diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole.

    Mini-Honeydew playing with lego, just imagine it. /give Mini-Honeydew 46 1

    I just came to say that the plural of Lego isn't Legos



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