This Amazing Skyrim Shot Is Pure William Tell

This isn't the most amazing, but YouTube user Ross3's "apple shot" is pretty damn great.

What makes it especially cool is how quick he works. A shot from that distance isn't difficult by any means. A shot from that distance and done with that efficiency is.

"I would have made the shot further," wrote Ross3, "but the apple doesn't stay put very long."

Apple Shot in Skyrim [YouTube]


    Could only be better if a certain Overture was playing ;)

    Wait, I know you...

    You're William Tell!

    Why is the apple almost as big as his head?

      Yeah I hate when things like that break my suspension of disbelief as I'm trying to slay dragons with my fireball magic that shoots out of my cat hands.

        lol >

    Now I want to see the blooper reel.

    no offence, but usually when something liek this is put up, people make a big stink about how all Kotaku US does is post stupid videos, is it just because it's something well loved as skyrim that this is OK? if this was a funny MW3 or even Battlefield video, i'd be expecting blood to be spilled..

      Here I was thinking people disliked US articles because Crecente never proof reads.

      I can help with that! This video was shown on Bitmob - and presumably, numerous other sites - days ago. Way to go, Slowtaku!

      Happy now?

    man this is why i love skyrim. Can do just about anything you want.

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