This Batman Fan Flick Brings Tries Its Best To Make Arkham City Real

There's a whole subcategory of fan-made Batman movies out there on the interwebs. Some of them rock while other will make you wince. I'll let you decide where the video above falls. What I do love about it, however, is how it uses Rocksteady's video games as its jumping-off point. Other Bat-fan movies try to recreate the look and feel of the Tim Burton or Christopher Nolan takes on the Dark Knight. This is the first one I can remember that uses video game tropes in its presentation. The life bar, the flurry of bats and the attack prompts all harken back pretty clearly to the Arkham games. The whole film is pretty much a series of fight scenes, which is pretty game-like in itself.

Thankfully, the guy playing Batman doesn't do too much Bat-voice. Unless you're Kevin Conroy, keep the Bat-voice to a minimum, mkay?


    sorry, normaly i don't type this but what the heck "FAKE AND GAY!"

    Uhh is that article title meant to be like that?

    I think you accidentally a word.

    Meh, Batman wouldn't just walk in like that in broad daylight =/

    Also, he uses a really old phone haha

    The pacing was incredibly slow. The whole thing was in slow motion.
    Was like a 30 second clip stretched out to four minutes.

    Bat-voice is fine. Bat-voice is what Conroy does. The problem is that nobody else does Bat-voice.

    They either do Mono-voice or they do Absurd-Raspy-Yell-voice like Christian Bale.

    Bat-voice would be fine if anyone else would care to actually do it :-P

      more on topic, the 'night' effects they used were pretty distracting and didn't achieve the desired effect. It made it seem more like the lens was dirty than it made it seem dark outside.

      Also, it's obvious they were going for the Nolan version of Batman with a few "Arkham" flourishes and to me it didn't really gel very well.



    We all know the greats when it comes to fan made Batman films...this insualts them.

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