This Call Of Duty Music Video Uses Guns To Make Beautiful Music

Gun effects, soundbytes and a healthy dose of dubstep. Oh, and Call of Duty. By all accounts this clip should be tough to watch, but it's actually damn catchy.

Modern Warfare 3 Dubstep [Gamefreaks]


    heh, there's a bit in there from Datsik, a song called "Firepower" and it fits perfectly!

    That's not beautiful music... sure it's "music" but hard what anyone should call beautiful.

      Did you just make an objectie statement about something subjective? Shame on you.

    to bad the guns themselves sound bloody awful. If he wanted to make a real impressive video BF3 guns with wartapes

    It's no Ballad of Black Mesa.

      Agreed. It wasn't what I was expecting and it was okay. But it's no ballad of black mesa. Just in case you haven't seen it. Fun facts. It's made by an Aussie guy and he only used in game sounds. (saw it at the acmi games exhibition XD)

    Finally, a dubstep fanmix without any effing Skrillex. Good to see some Doctor P in there

    Goddamn dubstep. So pervasive.

    Oribably would've sounded better without the dubstep.

    Reminds me of this

    I wouldn't call this music if my life depended on it.

    Fucking Dub Step is Fucking awful.

    there are so many of these all over the internet...

    Awesome. Here's a BF3 one that's pretty good:

    my ears are bleeding

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