This Disney Kids Game Just Got Morbid

In 1994, Westwood — they of Command & Conquer fame — released a platforming adaptation of The Lion King. It was pretty great! Westwood had no part in the bootleg Chinese version of the game, though, which added a few extra scenes.

Lion King 5, for the Famicom, is like many other Chinese games of the time in that it's a crude (yet awesome) copy of the source material, crammed with extra coding onto a platform it was never originally released for.

And I mean crude. I've seen The Lion King more than once, and I don't remember a scene where Simba hangs himself. It's a dark movie, but not that dark.

Pirated Lion King NES game features gruesome deaths [Go Nintendo]


    I'll just leave this here...

      People bring that up quite often, but the two are only very superficially similar. I would suggest that The Lion King's greatest strengths are it's story, script, music and animation, all of which are wildly different to Kimba.

      On topic: I dunno whether that's Chinese black humor or something, but it's hella disturbing either way.

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