This Dude Banks Knife Off Helicopter In Modern Warfare 3

People have been landing insanely improbable kills in Call of Duty for years now, but of all the videos I have seen, this one is the craziest. The knife literally banks of a helicopter, then falls onto the soldier underneath it.

In conclusion, stay inside.


    I swear this video was already posted yesterday...

      Yeah it was, along with a bunch of other COD knife videos.

    déjà vu O.o

    The best part is; it fell onto a camping fuck.

    When you say 'bank' do you mean bang... or bounce?

    At what point does this knife (that is somehow a vehicle) bank?

    Haha this game looks so dated... I thought it was cod4 for a second :s

      Same, but then I remember CoD 4 didnt have BS knife throwing

      now you can understand how i feel when i look at battlefield 3, i swear it is the same thing as bad company 1.

    Is this what passes for MW3 funnies? Boring knife glitches that land on a gay helicopter? Fucksake this is shit, just like MW3.

      Your prose astounds me. It's honest, like Hemingway, and raw like a drunken dickhead in the pub.

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