This Game Demo Will Self-Destruct

Starting today, Japanese gamers can download the Monster Hunter 3G demo to their Nintendo 3DS handhelds. Demos aren't a new thing, and they give players a taste of the final product. Monster Hunter 3G does that, too. The taste, however, doesn't last forever.

The demo quest takes around 20 minutes to complete.

According to the Capcom's official page, the Monster Hunter 3G demo, once downloaded, can only be booted up 30 times. After that, it's no longer playable, which seems, pardon my English, shitty.

Demos with expiration dates are not entirely new. Earlier this year, Sonic Generation was available for only 20 days. After that, the demo was yanked and the download copies expired.

Capcom, Sonic's the last thing you should be taking cues from.

Monster Hunter 3G goes on sale Dec. 10 in Japan.

体験版 [Capcom]


    Monster Hunter isn't a series I would have even thought that a demo could give any real indication of how it plays to anyone new to the franchise.

    It's FUCKING CAPCOM! No one should be suprised about this!

    Does it have a second nub stick that self-destructs after 30 plays too?

    "As always, this CPP will self-destruct in 5 seconds." *Casually tosses 3DS towards camera as it explodes. MI theme music starts playing.*

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