This Is Either Skyrim's Greatest Bug Or Its Greatest Feature

The Elder Scrolls series has had its fair share of glitches across its long history, some more interesting than others. The event in this video rides the line between entertaining glitch and fantastic feature.

Watch as the swinging club of an enemy giant sends the player soaring upwards, to the rim of the sky, if you will.

Why do we think it's not simply a glitch? Well, because it seems pretty easy to replicate, as shown in a second video. Scroll down to check out what I mean.

As you can see, it's not exactly uncommon. Our own Mike Fahey, though, could not get it to occur in the 360 version. When you get your hands on the game, let us know if the giants send you flying!


    Yup I went rocketing to the heavens, was quite amusing

    I am not liking Giant atm at all, the gameplay videos put out by bethesda made hurting Giants look easy, but no, they are OP and can kill with one hit. Impressively realistic

      Don't forget in the videos they maxed out their characters' stats, presumably to avoid any embarrassing deaths. Good to see that a Giant is OP, as it should.

    It twas a fine moment, I had my brothers gathered around me whilst i played skyrim to which i said "Watch me take down this giant" I put 'shock' on both hands and layed into him. When i depleted my magicka i started to make a run for it as the giant was now in pursuit. I accidentally hit crouch instead of sprint and got punted into the high heavens. This occurred on the 360 version from the giants just outside whiterun hold.

    I wouldn't know as its still updating. :(

    Let me play the damn game dammit

    Yeah I have it on the 360 and I to was sent flying to the heavens....

    I need this game now. I couldn't help yelling "WEEEEEEE" when they flew up

    It's clearly a bug... If the giant was strong enought o send you flying that high, then the way it actually hit you would send you several feet into the ground... It swung down not up... Well done Bethesda, another buggy game!

      Well without the GeoMod engine where do you expect that energy to go? The digital dirt isn't gonna move, so I guess that means the body is gonna be airborne for awhile. :-P

    I got killed by a Giant, my body too went flying high, high, high into the sky.

    I don't believe it... this game just got more awesome!

    Yup, got it on ps3 and to my lulzy suprise, also went flying into the heavens. Funnest. Bug. Ever.

    i hit a goat with a fireball spell last night and it skidded down the road and of a cliff out into the sky and across to whiterun..... was fucking epic never did find the body

    I have never NOT been sent flying by a giant

    "Got killed by a giant? Congratulations, you've earned yourself a level!"

    I had it happen to me then saw the giant do it to a mammoth also

    Yeah, the first time I noticed was a mammoth came hurtling out of the sky and died in front of me. Scared the bejebus out of me!

    okay so i get it, big giants doin' the one hit bouncy kill and stuff yay, i mean.. its a GIANT! its suppoooosed to be OPed !! , but whats bugging the hell outta me... is dragons :/ ... this game is showing us that we should be fearing giants not dragons lol, clearly they are stronger, more widespread ! i mean.. a dragon breathing hell down ur neck is fiiiine u'll juust bounce back on ur feet and go kill it, but when a giant swings a club at ur skull.. you LATTERLY ... bounce back ! :p

    I kill giants at lvl 3 with frostbite...LIKE A BOSS! >:D

    This fortunately isn't a glitch I have all 3 versions of the game and have never had this happen to me as I dodge giants power attacks but I've watched in amusement at lydia soaring to soverngarde!! My theory on why this happens is that because it's a form of the giants power attack it becomes increasingly over powered due to the realistic physics engine that the going up doesn't really damage you hitting the ground does.

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