This Is How Many People Are Already Playing Modern Warfare 3

Here's a snapshot of what Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 looked like four hours before the game officially hit the US.

This tiny map shows where the game's 118,995 online players were signing in to log a few frags. As you can see, despite having not yet launched here, the US is not underrepresented.

I'm sure tomorrow will show a much brighter map.


    Soooo what, Australian and that side of the world not considered important?

    Probably just only registering that side of the world at this moment.

      It was the middle of the day. People would be working/at school.

        You'd be surprised how often people are too "sick" to attend work/school on the same day as a new videogame release date.

          i have a scheduled illness on the 11th for instance.

            =D ive already started laying the ground work for "i'm sick"

              I've booked in anuall leave for Friday and the entire following week. I had too much of that stuff sitting around anyway. :D


    Is it out in Australia today? I thought it was out here on Thursday?

    I want to see how many people are playing in france. Because of le thieves (French tip - put le in front of every word and you speak it)...

    Yep this is definately out here in Oz. JB Hifi has an interesting trade in 1 game deal for it. I'm tempted to trade in my copy of Batman Arkham City for it.. I just need to finish it first.

      You're trading in Arkham City for MW3? The fuck is wrong with you?

    you would trade arkham city for mw3?

      Just head into your local GAME, grab Gears of war 3/infamous 2/arkham city for like $69.95 preowned, and take it around to JB to exchange it. Winner.

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