This Is How Modern Warfare 3 Starts [Spoiler]

It's been rumoured that Kmart started selling early copies of Modern Warfare 3, and this YouTube video looks to back that up. The video's creator claims he went in and grabbed a PS3 copy of the game, paid for it, and took it home. His copy of the game certainly looks legit.

He then shot this video, which shows a (quiet, not-great-quality) recording of the game's menus and opening sequence. Obviously, there are spoilers for the game's opening here, so watch at your own risk.

UPDATE: Reader Dan sends us a much better version of the intro, which we've dropped in. Thanks!



    jeeeez, when will people learn to hold their phones the right way round when filiming videos? I don't really want to see a metre of the wall above and below the TV, I'd like to see the whole TV!

    lol, maybe i should go to my local kmart today after work, just to see what the general attitude is. I am happy to wait until Tuesday (Monday night) but always keen to see what retailers stances are. Kmart have always been a little uncaring.

    lol took them less than an hour to get it taken down.

    inb4 that idiot trex posts an anti call of duty statement followed by his opinion on another video game, then concluded with a 'yawn'.

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