The Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Is Here!

So the GTA V trailer has finally been released. It answered a few of your/our questions, but also left more than a few unanswered. We're back in a pseudo version of L.A. it seems, but who are you playing as? Let the rampant speculation begin!

My first impression? I would have liked a bit more info! But this is a teaser, so it was only to be expected that Rockstar would leave things open for discussion. I would have at least liked a confirmation of who I was playing as, but I think leaving it open to interpretation was a clever twist on how Rockstar normally releases its trailers. With GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption the character was the focus — here the emphasis was clearly on the city, and the art style, which seems to be a nice diversion.

San Andreas looks like it's dripping in sunshine compared to the drab Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto IV — that could signal the return of lighter themes and a move away from the stark realism of GTA IV, or it could simply be due to the fact that L.A./San Andreas is sunnier than New York/Liberty City! That being said, we like the change up in the visuals in this regard.



    Interesting that they're are country parts as well.

      please use some proper dramatisation ffs.


      Yeah I agree wtf Coruja but anyway but Brick learn to spell

    Feel a tad bit sad for watching the countdown.... Then it went "No Video Information""


    Looks damn good though.

    Los Santos, here I come.

    Looks awesome.

    Are we playing as the older guy, I wonder?

      I thought the same thing, it shows the same old guy at least three times throughout...

    Awesome, I’m preordering 3 copies for my 8yr old son and his friends.

    Yep, seems like we're going back to ol' San Andreas.

    Hells yeah! Hope they're just holding back that it's all of San Andreas again but just Los Santos and some country would be fine too.

    Also - planes.

    Sounded like Ray Liotta to me...

    Hmmm, could we be getting more than Los Santos? I saw a shot of some oil derricks and if my memory is serving me correctly, they could only be found in the desert near Las Venturas in GTA: San Andreas.

    Let the wild speculating commence!

      There are derricks all through and around LA. The city is built on top of one of the largest oil fields in the USA. Plus the shot with the derricks has the Los Santos skyline in the background, so...

      I hope we get all of San Andreas but based on the trailer only it's looking like Los Santos with some of the surrounding countryside.


    GO TO BED.

    The protagonist have kids.......this is gonna be worse then roman calling you up 50 times a day just so you can unlock some free rides in the game.

      The average gamer has a wife and kids these days, we aren't all 18. This really appeals to me, very relatable dialogue.

        point missed..

    Shit yeah!!!

    Whoa whoa whoa guys, I'm a little taken aback by all the positivity! Where are the people who hate things for the sake of hating them?


      Normally I would, but that trailer, just... wow. Look how fun that gameplay looks!
    You clearly play as the older guy at 40sec, I see a pretty heavy resemblance.. also he is talking about retirement.. and why he moved there (shows vice city).. Regardless looks cool.

      I like the way you're headed with this!

        GTA Wiki:

        Life After 1986Edit

        Tommy Vercetti continued to run the criminal underworld of Vice City until at least 1989-1992, although his relationship with Ken Rosenberg became increasingly strained due to Rosenberg's cocaine addiction. Tommy eventually sends Ken into rehab at the Fort Carson Medical Center in Fort Carson, San Andreas, later refusing to answer his telephone calls. He is one of the only GTA III-era protagonists who has not been established, or implied, as having been killed at some point after the game timeframe.

        In one Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mission, a man with a strikingly similar appearance to Tommy Vercetti is briefly seen. He does not speak, and whether he actually was Tommy is not confirmed either way.

          Isn't the guy you're talking about the guy from GTAIII (which is why they make fun of him not talking)? It's the side mission where you race out in the forest or something and he's hanging around with that really annoying chick, right?

      It actually looks like the guy you pointed out is the player character from what I saw in the trailer... It looks like him dressed differently in a few scenes as well as seeing him driving that blue convertible. Hard to say for certain, but I'd throw my hat into that corner.

      As to whether or not he's Vercetti? I dunno... depends on if this is somehow a return to the GTA III continuity, or a seperate and brand new world a la GTA IV was.

      I never noticed that until you pointed it out. Playing as Tommy Vercetti in San Andreas would be absolutely amazing. He's still my favourite protagonist out of any GTA main character.

    3am and i'm still awake but it was worth it.

      Yep, same guy gets out of the van with a gun.
      He's our man xD

        Ah, meant to reply to PunkDrunk above.
        Thats what u get at 3am =S

    I put lemons on her feet and after that I do it.

    Hell yeah... This looks awesome.

    I just hope to hell they somehow implement all the cities of San Andreas, nothing like cruising down Las Venturas strip at night.

    Looks like Mt chiliad in the background in one of the scenes.

      After rewatching the trailer I think they are going to to the full state of San Andreas, we obviously know that Los Santos is going to be in but there was also wind turbines which could mean San Fiero and the oil pumps could mean Las Venturas.

    Damn Damn Damn Damn. Damn. The filter they've got here at work is blocking the embedded video. Damn.

    Youtube. Don't fail me.

    Is it wrong for me to be wanting a GTA London remake instead?

      Is it wrong of me to be wanting a Bully 2 instead?

        Is it wrong of me to be wanting the Bully team to be making Bully 2 instead of giving Rockstar its shameless cash-grab of a Max Payne 'sequel'?

        Seriously though, even aside from the 'I'm a disturbingly ravenous Max Payne fanboy' angle, I would have liked to see what that team would have done with a next gen Bully sequel with a bigger budget.

        Maybe in 8 years we'll get Bully 2 and it'll be set in Siberia and developed by the guys who made Midnight Club :-P

    If it's remotely like GTA IV I wont touch it.

      Doesn't bother us.

      sucks to be you :)

    Please please PLEASE let it be Tommy V!

    Yes! Looks like they are making a living breathing world, where you can get lost in it for day's, weeks, months.....................................

    I reckon it'll be loosely based on the movie point break. Sand, surf and heists :)

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