This Is The Most Evil EverQuest II's Freeport Has Looked In Years

From the generic fantasy city of the original EverQuest to the grungy spires of EverQuest 2, the city of Freeport has never quite captured the spirit of being the home to everything evil on Norrath. Until now, that is.

EverQuest 2 game update 62 hits early next month, bringing with it the return of Overlord Lucan D'Lere to his seat of power and an expansive remodelling of that seat into the jagged gold-plated throne his royally evil arse deserves. The guy's voiced by Sarumon, crying out loud, get his guards some pointy armour!

The new design looks much better, or at least it will until Flash Gordon shows up and ruins everything.


    That's great for the 5 people that still play that horrible game.

    how far this game has fallen. Used to love playing this game to :(

    Revamp looks horrible btw, doesn't look evil at all.

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