This Is The Worst Nintendo Commercial In A Long Time

Compared to the company's unbridled success of the past five years, Nintendo in 2011 has its back to the wall. It needs now, more than ever, effective marketing to help sell its products.

Sometimes, it gets this! Other times, like this trainwreck of a commercial, it does not.

I'd point out the parts that were particularly awful, but really, that's everything from 0:00 to 0:58. Which is when the commercial mercifully draws to a close.

Nintendo Commercial [Tiny Cartridge]


    That's not that bad. I actually like it.

    That guy is hilarious. When the last girl starts talking, his expression is awesome.

    That was awesome. Especially the end. Luke, you're an idiot.

    I think it's heaps better than most Ninty commercials. It's not awesome but it's not complete crap.

    Agreed with the comments, it's not the worst ad I've ever seen. The end got a laugh out of me.

    But theoretically, wouldn't ALL the gaming consoles be in 'aisle 3'? xD

      The end got a laugh out of me too, but the beginning was desperately terrible.

      You would think that all the gaming consoles would be in isle 3 but then when they get to isle 3 you see its not an isle at all and just a display area. FULL OF LIES AND DECEPTION.

    I like it better than a bunch of the 'everybody sit around the tv and smile a lot' wii ads.

    This commercial is 100 times better than the Robin Williams Zelda one. It makes some good points, it has some cheap laughs. What's your problem Luke? I hate reading 'articles' that force one opinion down readers' throats. How about you open it up to the readers to decide or something? I was expecting the advertisement to be terrible from your article's title (the WORST Ninty ad ever) but I actually like it. For shame.

    Yeah It was sort of quirky which made it stand out but not terrible, and the ending. Classic, but a bit predictable. Since we're talking about it, I'd call that a marketing success. :)

    The failed fistbump was pretty epic. Racism is hilarious!*

    *Don't quote me on that.

    That was pretty funny IMO. Good punchline, too.

    It's pretty good actually.
    It could have been made by College Humour.

    Are you guys insane, that was horrendous.
    At least Zelda was hot.

      So's your face!

        My face is as hot as Zelda Williams..... Score :)

    HAha, that was hilarious!

    Didn't laugh.

    Probably because I worked in retail selling Nintendo stuff.

    I thought I liked it too until I realised I was laughing more AT it than WITH it.

    I thought it was pretty darn funny, better than watching PS Move adds, or Kinect adds... troll.

    This is probably one of the better Nintendo ads. I'm fed up with the Nintendo family ads. It's nice to just have an amusing ad that doesn't feature any "real" people

    0_o I thought this was funny (esp. when the second guy responded perfectly to a fistbump. FRIENDS DONT LET FRIENDS FISTBUMP). The laugh at the end reminded me of Roy from The I.T. Crowd

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