This Is Your Saints Row The Third Launch Trailer

In pro wrestling, a chair shot is when you hit someone with a metal folding chair, usually in the head area. You'll see one of those in the Saints Row the Third clip, along with all manner of open-world madness. Since it's out today, you can get your gangstafied crazy on right now.


    Still loading on Steam. Worst download ever. 60kb/sec, and it's 9GB!

    Looking forward to sinking my teeth into this. I've already got MW3 for my mindless-fun fix, but I'm assuming my capability for mindlessness has room for two games.

      you chose the wrong time to dl it. Its peak traffic, Steam is currently at over 4m users, twice its normal capacity

        But I chose the only correct time! As in, *right the hell now bitches*.

        It's ok, I've got SO many cool games right now. Best new-release season ever I reckon.

        Also, I'm at work while my laptop slowly pulls Saints Row off the internet.

    I got the PS3 version. Streaking is fun

    ...just waiting on OzGameshop to get the damn thing in my hands.

    For some reason, I simply can't play games like this on a PC - console all the way.

    ... now to wait for ozgameshop to ship it.... their website says 18th :(

    God this game is fun. I got it yesterday Just wow.

    Got mine yesterday and it's amazing. I spent a good hour riding around naked on my pimped motorbike and doing car surfing. And then I played the game....!

    I'm missing some of the customisation options from 2, like being able to choose a theme for your 'crib'.

    Has anyone been able to access uploaded screenshots on the website? I've uploaded tons of them but there are none there... my uploaded character is though...

    Speaking of which, ugh, having to log into the THQ thing every time you want to upload photos is stupid. SAVE MY DAMNED PASSWORD ALREADY.

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