This Lady's '71 Camaro Is Now In Gran Turismo

Mary Pozzi owns a sweet 1971 Camaro. It's so sweet, in fact, that Gran Turismo 5 developers Polyphony Digital have decided to put it in their video game.

She was given that honour as part of the annual Gran Turismo Awards, held last week in Las Vegas, which are part-giant party, part-car show where auto enthusiasts show off their rides in the hopes of getting their car offered up as a playable vehicle in a "future instalment of Gran Turismo".

I'm not the world's biggest car person, but I have a very soft spot for Camaros. So this is awesome.

Recap of the 9th Annual Gran Turismo Awards [Gran Turismo]


    That's a nice lookin camaro!

    That's one damn-good looking car. Nice that they snapped it up.

    as long as its a premium model and not a crappy one then sweet

    Cool car, always thought the 69 RS/SS looked better

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