This Launch Trailer For The MGS HD Collection Makes My Heart Hurt

This Launch Trailer For The MGS HD Collection Makes My Heart Hurt

This launch trailer for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection truly stings the nostrils. We have to wait until February to play, but it comes out in the US today. Argh! [Clutches desperately at heart].

I think this may be final proof that there is no justice in this cruel, cruel world.

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  • Is this coming out on xbox too?
    I’ve never played a Metal Gear game, but I love an 80 minute cutscene as much as the next person.

  • Import it then? Cheaper that way anyway. Despite the crap from the local distributor stating differently, there’s nothing about our release that will be any different to the US one, except the date.

    • Has anyone chased up the local distributer as to what the difference they were talking about actually was? I’ve read that MGS3 is the Subsistence version with both the NTSC and PAL releases of the collection, which implies MG and MG2 included…

      Was there any followup PLS EXPLAIN? I understand we sometimes get large, annoying delays on titles – pretty much business as usual… but to take some feature that’s standard on all copies of it, regardless of region, and spin it as a “don’t worry, you’ll be gettting something better” type thing really stinks.

  • Meh. MGS sucks anyway. Melodramatic plot, unintuitive controls and, frankly, boring “espionage action”. Thief and Deus Ex are superior in every way.

    /my 2c


    • That’s like saying Testris is better. Different game genres.

      IMHO, the MGS games have great storylines. I also enjoy stealthing around and trying to complete the levels without being seen, efficiently, quickly and in different ways. I’d rather do that than level up my Human Cyborg called Massive_Dong001 to max charisma or upgrading my Titanium Penis Engraved Recurve Bow to +5.

    • I thought melodrama was a term used to describe when a plot exaggerates its own importance to create emotional connections to characters when there wouldn’t have been any otherwise?

      While the plot itself is over-the-top in some cases, it doesn’t exactly exaggerate the situation to force you to care for things you wouldn’t normally relate or give a crap about lol. So no, MGS isn’t melodramatic, it’s defiantly far more grandiose than your standard war plot but offers a tonne of historic/modern inspired intrigue with lots of references to real world events.

      Secondly, I found MGS’s controls (even during the un-refinement of the PSone era) always above par and highly intuitive. for a game with so much context sensitive actions, freedom of movement and interaction, the UI and controls do a superb job of making it easy to learn and achieve every movement you intend to do, with the exception of some advanced CQC maneuvers.

      I love Thief and Deus Ex to an insane degree, but neither have captured the full extent of sneaking like MGS (Thief is closer). To say MGS’s espionage stealth/action styled gameplay is boring says to me that you never really gave the game a chance or were already biased about it before you played…sounds an awful lot like you hate it because it’s popular. Though that’s just my opinion.

      All in all, I’d say MGS is superior in almost every regard to the two games you mentioned but all are good. If you didn’t actually give them a proper chance before, maybe pick up the HD collection for cheap on sale sometime in the future and stick them out, if you like deus ex and Thief, you should honestly love MGS

      • I think the Otacon response to almost any thing in each game falls well into melodrama description – especially Sniper Wolf’s death in MGS. However, that was part of the reason I liked the series. Ok, the series up to 4, which was just terrible except for the 4 hours of its 12 hour runtime I actually got to play it (that was literally the times I logged by the way. I used a stop watch).

  • As if you’re not getting this? Or have you been consumed by the dark side and don’t like the taste in your mouth when you have to pay for a game?

    I feel no pitty towards your situation. You don’t have to review games but publishers send you free ones (I assume).

    • You know what they say about assuming…

      Anyways, maybe Mark likes all the bright blue and red Aussie classification labels to line up on his shelf.

  • Im seeing the delay as a blessing in disguise. Already too busy with Batman’s Eldar Creed, I can wait for the 360 PAL release of Metal Gear: Catherine 😛

  • I stare at the sky and the stars up above
    And think, ‘what am I made of?’
    Am I full of laughter, or hurt, or pain
    Or am I filled with love?

    No wait, that’s the wrong game. And not included in the set 🙁

    • Err no,MGS2 is included in the pack. The only one that isn’t included would be Portable Ops (Calling to the Night), ,since MGS1 comes in as a discount voucher.

      Poor Portable Ops. Nobody loves you

      • Ah Portable Ops. I swear I’m the only person I ever heard of that had fun with that game. Far from the highlight of the series, but a lot of fun if you could configure the controls to a point where it felt OK for you.

        Memories of walking around my neighbourhood with my PSP scanning for wireless access points trying to recruit soldiers. Ah, it was fun.

  • “I think this may be final proof that there is no justice in this cruel, cruel world.” that would be the lack of MGS on this compilation.

  • @ 2:20: Awesome high-quality GC of the main characters of each game in the glorious MGS HD Collection (Solid Snake not included).

    I kid, of course, already pre-ordered (and I like Raiden just fine), but couldn’t the left image have been both Snake AND Raiden?

  • I was just smugly thinking “Oh, well it won’t be PERFECT if MG and MG2 are left out-” and then it turns out they’re in too…

  • HD? Looks like the same eye-searing fuzz-o-vision to me. Not that I won’t buy it, but jesus.. would it kill them to remove the vasoline filter?

  • Just so everyone is clear…. (I’m telling as many people as possible)

    USA/UK version comes with:

    MGS2(Substance) MGS3(Subsistence) and MGS: Peace Walker.

    The JAP version comes with:

    Voucher for MGS(PSN only, not on xbox), MGS2(Substance) and MGS3(Subsistence).

    Peace Walker in JAP is a separate game for Xbox & PS3.

  • Really just import it save money and start to bring down our stupid system, at some point they will have to drop game prices and work on release dates if we keep importing.

    Jb Hi Fi have even stated if they can’t compete with online importing they will buy import stock them selves to sell at a lower price.

  • I have the metal gear solid 2 theme for my ringtone. I have had it for like 5 years but I can’t brig myself to change it. So dramatic and tearful. Harry Gregson-Williams is so good at his Hollywood dramatic themes. He did 2,3 and 4 and yet for is so sombre and sad compared to the grandeur of MGS2.
    Would you agree Metal Gear Fan Mark Serrels

    • Yes! While i was waiting for MGS2 to come out, all those years ago, I played the trailer over and over and over and over, and it was just for the music after a while.

  • I’m considering this but then some guy up the top mentioned Deus Ex HR and I think that might be where I should put my fundage in the new year (I have MGS2 on the PS2 and I’m seriously stuck with no ammo and seemingly nowhere to progress)

    For stealth games so far my favourite ever has been Splinter Cell Conviction it just nailed the feeling of stealth combat without being fiddly.

  • Ok, I’ve bought this. I put it in last night and loaded up Peacewalker and tried to “Transfarr” my PSP savegame to the Ps3. It would let me, HOWEVER it then asked me if I was sure, because if I were to do this then I would be unable to earn any trophies. W.T.F.

    I just started a brand new game… still think that’s a load of poo though. I can understand making us go back through the missions to earn the trophies, but just outright making them unavailable is absurd.

    Really makes me wonder why they included the transfarring feature to begin with… is it for everyone who didn’t buy the game? That seems absurd.

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