This Man-Sized Gundam Model Is Amazing

And that's just when you're looking at the pretty pictures of it. Its amazingness levels up when you find out the whole thing is made out of paper.

It's the work of graphic designer Taras Lesko, who was smart enough to not only build the thing - right down to the tiniest detail - but to take snappy pictures and even snappy video of the statue in action.

You can see some pics of the piece above (the second gallery entry being an awesome "making of" timelapse video), while the project's official site - see, I told you he was snappy - can be found below.

7FT Gundam — Ultimate Papercraft [Official Site]


    Okay, now make it a costume and send it to my address.

    I've been wanting to try papercrafting a set of T-51b Power Armour like this. All of a sudden the bar is set much higher though -_-

    that is awesome...

    Ok, you do realize that there's on the size if a 3 story building? How is this cool by contrast?

    That Link papercraft was way more awesome

      Because it's made out of PAPER.

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