This Modern Warfare 3 Building Look Awfully Familiar

This Modern Warfare 3 Building Look Awfully Familiar

As Josh from FinalLevelGames was making his way through Modern Warfare 3‘s story mode, he noticed a particular structure that he was sure he had seen before — in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer.

Game developers recycle older assets all the time, so it’s really not that odd to see a building from the original Modern Warfare making an appearance in the latest iteration of the series. If anything I’m taken aback by how much better the building looks in the original game than in its second sequel. Those are some lovely textures Infinity Ward was sporting back in 2007. At least they left a couple of layers intact for nostalgia’s sake.


    • Not to be the Devil’s Advocate but..a lot of other multiplayer games do that.
      Look at Bad Company 2, how many houses and warehouses did they recycle in several maps?

      I’m surprised they managed to keep looking fresh and original until now dude.
      Im not a COD fanboy or a BF fanboy but I do at least give games credit where its due and seriously this is just nit picking. Developers are human beings too. Just one building recycled and you just rise up and start screaming ‘COPY and PASTE job’?

      This is why I sometimes hate this hobby.

      • i dont see BF3 recycling from Bc2, or bf2 for that matter. Repetition within a game is fine, but across multiple games? Just lazy.

          • 2 other instances i can think off the top of my head. a building from the map Backlot from CoD4 was found on Karachi (not in playable area), and more importantly the Gold Desert Eagle was found and is in the MW2 code (from CoD4) but made no appearance at all in the game, so what was the point of it, if you couldnt use it legitimately?

            This is not just a single case, im sure over time more recycled code will pop up and theres no avoiding it

          • Its also a pretty damn big building and it seems they havent changed the mesh at all, simple the textures.

        • no but it would have been better if they did most of the BF3 maps are all bottle necked at some point makes it horrible for rush games which rush is all i use to play in BC2 but now i only play conquest.

  • Tis a bit unfortunate.
    If they just blew a hole in the upper wall and removed the inner building it would have been much less shameless pasta.

  • The fact that the SAS guys almost all had Scottish accents bothered me more.

    I mean, I know the Scots are bad asses, but at least some Brits, Irish, Welsh, Fijians and Jamaicans must have joined the SAS by now.

  • I’m pretty sure builders “recycle” building plans in the real world. On my drive to work I see 100 houses that are the same.

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