This Nintendo Patent Looks Completely Bizarre

Just because Nintendo creates a patent for something, it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to create the thing — I expect this might be the case with this completely bizarre Wii controller add-on, which looks like a periscope, or something Peter Venkman might use to, um... bust ghosts?

According to The Verge, that thing on top is apparently some form of touch screen interface, which uses infrared LED and mirrors to transfer the position of the users fingers to the Wii's IR sensor. The Verge suggests it might be a way for two players to use touch screens for the upcoming Wii U, but to be honest we have no earthly idea what it might be used for.

Nintendo patent application shows a touchpad rigged to the Wii Remote [The Verge]


    Perhaps it's nintendo's new kitchen peripheral. Looks like it could grind parsley or some hard cheeses.

    This looks like a new idea for a Kotaku Aus competition. Instead of screenshots, put up a patent image like this and let the community try and guess what's it for and which company copywrited it.

    Guess for this one... maybe a dodgy handheld gun for a remake of Duck Hunt?

      THIS. NAO.

    Looks like a garlic crusher!

      Or a Woodchipper. Maybe Garlic is the new game cartridge? The clove is processed into data and stored inside a bottle on the console itself?

    Motion tracker peripheral for Colonial Marines?

    Luigi's Mansion on Wii U perhaps..

    looks like screen add on for wiimote, maybe for use with Wii U instead of their other screenamajiggy.

    definetely the track for a new holographic tron-ish game :D

    One Wii one cup?

    [awkward silence]

    Looks like something you could put ingredients in to weigh like kitchen scales, possibly cooking mama type game peripheral.

    or possibly Wii Play-doh peripheral to make Nintendo Spaghetti strands/Hair.

    It looks exactly like a mouli that one uses to grind up their 'personal vegetables'

    The Nintendo WiiD muncher.

    Thats obviously the Wii-pipe - for GTAV

    it kinda looks like a device to change the way you hold it. so instead of pointing it at the TV you could hold it vertically, for people with wrist issues.

    It looks like a mouse trackpad

    It looks like a muller to me.

    Some weird microphone?

    Nintendo might not be so financially screwed if they stop designing rediculous addons and focused on actually making games.

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