This Skyrim Rap Is Awesome

British rapper Dan Bull has put his rhyming skills to work and produced this fantastic Skyrim rap.

Not a lot needs to be said for this video aside from anything that compares slicing dragons to dicing eggplants gets our tick of approval.


    wow that was actualy pretty awesome

      I told you so!

        yea i was expcting you be exagerating or sarcastic but nope pretty awesome

        Thanks Tracy for the article, keep up the great work!
        And thanks for replying to us, the viewers :]

    Dan Bull rhymes like a wizard! I remember his plea a couple of years ago for Bethesda to release a new elder scrolls game in a rap video that has been haunting me until skyrim was announced earlier this year. Its pretty awesome too and worth a look for TES fans -

    Dan Bull is a Raping GENIUSES. First GTAV, and now Skyrim? And he is doing a minecraft one? OHLY SHIT!

    Someone needs to give this man money for this stuff.

    I didn't realise that Dan Bull was a rapist. Shouldn't he be in gaol?!

    agghh my freakin ears..

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