This Skyrim Video Will Make You Laugh Until You [BLEEP]

Oh, man. This video, called "Unnecessary Censorship - Skyrim" from YouTube user NormalDifficulty (who also gave L.A. Noire the same humorous treatment) is a triumph. In it, they've added censoring bleeps to a bunch of the dialogue in Bethesda's game, making it much saltier than the at times staid, often weird line readings really are. They've also made it much, much more hilarious.

I think my favourite is the kid who says:

"Father says I'm too young to train with a sword. So I practice with my [BLEEP]."

Haaaaaa. Further proof that adding bleeps to otherwise unremarkable dialogue is pretty much an automatic recipe for humour.


    inb4 ACL

    Boy, girls, dogs, elders, there's nobody I won't [bleep].

    Haha. Brilliant.

    Hilarious, but my favourite will always be The Count- Censored.

    i'm crying with laughter while i type this.......classic!

    "when you get to my age you miss the smell of BLEEP"


    Sadly I'm not 12 anymore so it wasn't as funny :(

      That is sad. I'm close to 50 and I was almost crying. But then again, I was a Two Ronnies and Benny Hill fan as a kid.

    This is the best thing I've seen all day.

    "I don't [BLEEP] strangers"
    "Father keeps [BLEEP]ing me and I get in trouble"

    the LA Niore one is just as funny, very cleaver.

      Yeah, I thought the LA Noire ones were slightly funnier, especially when Cole mentions he [bleeped] Cohen's brother-in-law and storms off with dramatic music.

    i lol'd

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