This Steering Wheel Has Way Too Many Buttons!

When I was a kid and I tried to imagine the controller of the future, it looked a lot like this insane steering wheel.

It's called the SRW-S1 and it's weird enough to actually have pedals on the steering wheel itself. It was designed specifically for Simraceway and, while it looks interesting, I can't help but think the thing might be a bit unwieldy.

Anyway, it's the controller of the future... today!


    I don't know why, but i want to use this thing to play Tony Hawks Ride.

    Play Skyrim with a steering wheel!

    But does it go up to 11?

      Still needs more cowbell

    Those aren't pedals. The top two are sequential gear shifter paddles and the bottom two control the clutch in an f1 car. Looks awesome but simraceway is all on old tech, rfactor 1. Iracing or rf2 wil be where it's at.

      Actually they are the pedals :P

      "You can experience full-range acceleration and braking on the back of the S1 Wheel. "

        Well that's shit, I'm eyeing off a replacement hand made wheel for my g25 which is a Ferrari replica f1 wheel with all the same buttons and functions

          Handmade? You must be heavy into F1 sims.

            Very, there will be a cockpit to go with soon enough too

    I wonder if it has that special button that Massa and Hamilton has that makes their cars bang into each other every other fucking race.

    No fixed column for steering and no force feedback?


    No thanks. I'll stick with my DFGT.

      I think your missing the point. Its not meant for people like you, its meant for people like me. People who don't really have the room for a full kit.

    The number of buttons is too damn high!

    Looks like there's some perceptible input lag in that video. I don;t think I could use a wheel without force feedback anyway though. Might as well play Mario Kart Wii.

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