This Week In… OMG MW3 And Skyrim!

This Week In… OMG MW3 And Skyrim!

We’ve had some big releases already this year — Uncharted 3 last week, Battlefield 3 the week before — but this week is the big one. We have Modern Warfare 3, which will undoubtedly shift a ridiculous amount of units, and the Kotaku people’s champ Skyrim. Woe betide any other title that dares release alongside them.

Cars 2 (3DS) What is it? Game about that Pixar movie — you know the one you don’t care about probably? Why didn’t they make the Incredibles 2 instead?! Should you care? They should’ve made the Incredible 2 instead.

Modern Warfare 3 (360/PS3/PC) What is it? The most anticipated game of all time says the ad on the telly — but I’m more interested in how these guys pulled it off with a skeleton staff at Infinity Ward and a second studio. I have faith. Should you care? There does seem to be a bit of a mini Modern Warfare backlash, but I’ve always enjoyed them.

Motionsports Adrenaline (PS3) What is it? I’m assuming this is the PS3’s version of Wii Sports. Should you care? I’m pretty sure this game isn’t Skyrim.

Shinobi (3DS) What is it? A reboot of the Shinobi series. Should you care? This is the first I’m hearing about this. Shame, because I like Shinobi.

The Black Eyed Peas Experience (360/Wii) What is it? Another dance game from Ubisoft? Should you care? Anyone getting a Guitar Hero, milking the genre dry, vibe from this?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (360/PS3/PC) What is it? It’s that game the kids are all talking about. Should you care? Even if you don’t care, you should totally care.


  • Meh [trollface.jpg]

    I’m well aware that my feelings go against the crowd, but the past couple of weeks excited me far more than this week’s releases. I hope that the wait is worth if for those of you anticipating Skyrim, though!

      • Thats good to know. This is actually the fist time I’ve used them. This year has finally broken me from paying $100 for each game. There’s just too many of them

        • I hope it works for you mate, But my friend STILL hasn’t got his BF3 copy from them, and I wrote to them asking if my Skyrim will be arriving anywhere near release date…and all they said was ‘sorry, probably not’ and gave me back my money.


          • Delivery times can be pretty random but that has more to do with postal services and customs. I’ve had a game arrive in 10 days but the last order took just over 3 weeks.

            I’m more burnt about the cloth maps. I placed a pre-order of Skyrim 2 weeks before they confirmed the pre-orders would come with cloth maps. Then to be told “tough, we didn’t order enough of them” was like a kick in the nuts. They’re only getting my money still due to prices but if I have to wait 4 weeks next time then it’s back to local retailers – price be damned!

    • I’m hoping they take their time and the shipping is a bit slower, so by the time it releases they’ll have fixed all the bugs. It’s Bethesda, after all.

      • im still waiting on my copy of arkham asylum from them. it takes ages for the game to arrive but its kind of worth it for the price.

        they say it takes 4-12 working days for games to arrive but apparently thats aus posts fault not ogs

    • They can’t break it for PC since it uses steamworks, you could get the physical copy of it early but still doesn’t change the steam wont unlock it till Friday morning.

    • My logical side of my brain agrees with you completely.
      My fangirl side of my brain goes squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I wanna play it nownownownownownownownownownownownownow.

      Needless to say, the logical side is kind of getting drowned out at the moment.

  • Remember that week when both Zumba Fitness and Trainz Simulator 2012 came out?
    Damn, that was a good week.
    This is week is okay, I suppose.

  • Skyrim and then Saints Row a few days later? Oh god, my poor wallet, why did I get the collector’s edition for both!?

  • Have them both pre-ordered. Totally pumped. Couldn’t come at a better time either, I need to stop going out and spending all my money.

  • What’s with the five year old promo shot for Oblivion? I lol’d…

    And if only I had money. So many games I’ve had to miss out on this year ;_;

  • Man, I hammered through Batman to be ready for Skyrim, but my copy of Uncharted 3 is about to arrive, and skyrim and skyward sword also demand patronage.

    I would go as far as saying this is the most dense gaming release schedule I can remember.

    • It really is. I can’t remember so many consecutive releases that I have been so keen to buy.

      I think it must be happening ‘cuz the gaming gods know I am totally broke and will be until the foreseeable future. So can’t buy anything but one game this year, pretty much… they are very cruel.

      • I can’t speak for a lot of other releases, but Batman was both excellent, and provided a lot of bang for your buck. It took me about 20 hrs to beat the campaign (on hard) and I haven’t found even half the riddler trophies or touched the riddler challenges. Then there’s new game+. I think there is at least another 20 hours of content there.

        Of course, I suspect Skyrim will be my GotY.

  • sadly, i’m more excited about ultimate marvel vs capcom than any of these games…

    i may pick up skyrim a bit later though…

  • Skyrim, I care. But my big ass collectors edition is coming from the Amazon. 🙁

    Also I’m getting a Peter Griffin song vibe from Shinobi. Alright it’s a little off but still…

    • I’m buying Skyrim locally and am importing Saints Row 3 so I have time to play Skyrim while the postage camel slowly makes its way with SR3

  • I lif in a mounteen in rushha, i will nut be able to play thes guood loking game fur tu hole yaerz…my english no good

  • Ordered my copy of Skyrim from ozgameshop, so hopefully the fact that it will take a while to get here pays off, seeing as i start exams on the 11th… Only problem is my last is not till the 17th and ill have to ward off Saints Row 3’s advances before then as well…

    • i know the feeling. i have skyrim preordered but my exams start the following monday and finish the 25th. such a long wait! i must resist the urge to open the case when it comes friday or monday…………

  • Ooh, Shinobi. Never played one before, but the trailers and stuff for it looked cool. Had no idea it was due out so soon though.

    Honestly do not care about any other game on the list 😛

  • getting MW3 tomorrow (just the standard edition… i’ve wasted too much on prestige editions in the past) and skyrim collectors edition is on pre-order at JB and GAME just because i’m worried my JB order won’t come through as they’ve had mixed reports on how pre-orders were going to work

  • Not just buying the collectors/limited edition version of games and pirating everything else? Wow. Most of you must be rich as hell or broke as peasants.

    • thursday? pretty sure its out 11/11/11… so thats Friday… either way i’ll be in bed recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed so hopefully not too out of it to play it all day lol

  • Skyrim! I have uni exams next week so perhaps its not the best of times =(

    Oh well. I’ll pick it up and lock it away until next thursday.

    if it breaks street date I can play it earlier =))))

  • was very tempted to get the skyrim collecor’s editions, but I assume they’ve all sold out now?

    Also, anyone knew when on friday the pc version unlocks? 9am? Midnight?

  • Skyyyyyyyriiiiiiimmmm!

    And by the time the initial fun has worn off I’ll have Skyward Sword and swtor to keep me company!

    • That picture takes me back. I stared longingly at that background waiting for the (then) next gen consoles and a new Elder Scrolls.

      Quite amazing that the next Elder Scrolls after that is imminent, and on the same console!

    • I’m getting it on xbox too. Reports say my PC might be able to do “medium” but I CBF and just want to couch it for my first 100 hours or so. Might rebuy on PC down the track. I’ve played the xbox version and I was very happy with it.

  • lol, “Woe betide any other game that dares release alongside them”. I have to admit that is some good writing!!

  • Anyone want to take bets on Skyrim following the release date? Or will it join the long list of games that have the street-date broken?

    My bet is on the latter, being a friday release. They’ll get it too early in the week to resist

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