This Week In The Business: ‘No New Console From Microsoft Until 2014’

This Week In The Business: ‘No New Console From Microsoft Until 2014’

What’s happened in the business of video games this past week …

QUOTE | “No new console from Microsoft until 2014.” — Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst believes we could see a revised Xbox 360 in 2012, but no new Xbox console until 2014.

QUOTE | “The Kinect interface is a really, really magical progression.” — John Taylor, video game analyst at Arcadia Research, on what the Kinect has done for the game industry and where it’s going.

STAT | 5 million — That’s the number of users Zynga’s newest game CastleVille managed to attract in just 6 days, making the game Zynga’s fastest growing title yet.

QUOTE | “We reserve the right to refuse any return.” — GameStop’s policy about game returns which led to Consumer Reports placing GameStop on the Naughty list for places to shop this holiday season.

QUOTE | “I am trying to advance the art form in some meaningful way.” — Richard Garriott de Cayeux, creator of Ultima, on his new game and exactly why he doesn’t like current MMORPGs.

QUOTE | “The advantage of renting games is that publishers get quite a lot of money.” — Gerry Butler, Blockbuster commercial director, on why publishers support game rentals to reduce used game sales.

QUOTE | “Trading up to the PS3 from a Wii makes a lot of sense.” — Michael Pachter from Wedbush Securities talks about how console sales will change during the holidays, and deals with some hot rumors.

QUOTE | “We will widen the consumer demographic for the 3DS .” — Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, discusses how Nintendo plans to attract consumers 50+ to the 3DS as well as hardcore gamers.

QUOTE | “There is a universal experience in the middle.” — Andrew Wilson, Executive Vice President of EA Sports, describing how EA Sports is developing games across multiple hardware platforms.

QUOTE | “There was a huge line of people camping out overnight.” — A Nintendo spokesperson at the Nintendo World Store on Rockefeller Plaza in New York describes the big buzz for the Zelda: Skyward Sword launch.

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