THQ Studio Australia's Space Marine Is On Auction, And It Makes Me A Little Sad

Graysonline is an online auction clearing house that generally gets their goods from company bankruptcies, deceased estates or excess stock from major retailers. I bought my fridge from there. So when an anonymous reader informed us that you could buy THQ Studio Australia's old Space Marine statue from there after its closure earlier this year, it made me feel a little sad.

But a part of me can't help admitting that this is a pretty cool collecter's item. Currently the bidding is at $59, which is paltry considering what this statue is, and what it represents to the local development industry. It's a pretty hefty statue so, sadly, it's pick up only.

The description reads... "Warhammer Space Marine Statue, 1800mm tall. Includes backpack, chainsword and blaster. Chainsword is broken."



    I think Kotaku should buy it.

    Either for themselves... or to give to Fatshady for his outstanding community efforts.

      Loops... Loops is the Space Marine headcase.
      I meant Loops for his community efforts.

      Kotaku you know you want it. And the broken chainsword is damn easy to fix.




      It is the Emperor's will to buy this statue!

    To me its a sad reminder of the Australian game industry.

    This would go great in any fans gaming collection :D

    Now if only i had some room :/

    Wonder what else they will be selling :)

      Like some of these?


        A lot of that stuff could have been given to the staff (concept art, car hood, t-shirts, games).

          hehehe... I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't other stuff that went missing.

    Oh man, the price is gonna fly up to 1,000 bucks very quickly.

    I'm seeing if I could potentially arrange transport, then I shall put in a bid! A reasonable one, too.

      if you get it, i am coming to your place to hug it - that is all i ask

    Pickup is actually quite easy for me, shame I don't really have anywhere to put it.

      You could store it at Loops house... he might even repair it for you.

        Nah, I think I might just pick up one or three of those cheap TVs instead.

    I would donate $20 to the buy-it-for-Chuloopa cause. Any other takers? I think we could actually win this :)

      definitely, if anyone deserves that statue it's the Loops,
      he's the whole reason why i even looked twice at that game and are now becoming somewhat of a fanatic...
      Lets start a Space Marine for Loops Appeal...

    I wonder what type of glue It'd take to fix that sword.

    Holy god emperor!! I know tho that if I bought that my girlfriend would most certainly kill me and stuff my body inside it... So I guess I'll chuck $20 to the loopa appeal so I know it goes to a good home

    Yowser, it's up to $504 plus 15% buyer premium

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