Three Sony Photos You'll Want To Photoshop

The photos, courtesy of website Game Watch Impress, depict the Sony 3D headset—something we have seen before. What we haven't seen is how goofy people look while wearing it and playing PS3 games—especially with peripherals.

And boy, do people ever look goofy.

These images scream "Photoshop me!" Kotaku's own Luke Plunkett got the jump on all of you and in two minutes worked his own Star Wars magic in the gallery above. The Photoshop is strong with that one.

「使って/試してみました ゲームグッズ研究所」 [GAME Watch]


    Wouldn't the more obvious star wars shoop be the scene in "A New Hope" where luke's playing with the lightsaber on the falcon? Kgo internet.

      How's that?

        Sorry, forgot to resize it.

          Now with the move.


            I fought that was very good and before you make such a claim you must prove your expertise by displaying your own work, that should be better.

            Good job man, that made me laugh :D


      (Yes, Star Wars is playing on the Star Trek viewscreen. Why? For FUNSIES! No hate, I love both. Well, the old school Wars, middle school Trek.)

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