To The Moon Is Available: Manly Tears Incoming

After seeing the original trailer back in August, I claimed that To The Moon would most likely break your heart. Now the game has actually been released, we'll be able to test that theory.

Some of you guys may have already seen the sob-inducing launch trailer for the game, but the above vid is more of a gameplay walkthrough style thing. It's also quite funny in a strange way. It's not on Steam, but you can buy it direct here.

I haven't had the chance to check it out yet, but as someone who grew up with 16-bit JRPGs, I am so ready to have my own nostalgia manipulated to the point where I break down into a blubbering mess. Can't wait!

Storytelling Immersion Walkthrough [Gametrailers]


    Their site says you can play it for free for an hour. I'll have to check that out over the weekend.

    'I'm making a lasagna' is a brilliant selling point!

    I pre-ordered the game and am currently in the third act. I'm loving the experience, and it's certainly a very emotionally driven story. I just keep wanting to know where it will go next.

    One thing that surprised me is how much the game is making me laugh out loud. There's some great moments, and some great pop-culture and nerd-culture references thrown in for good measure.

    All in all, worth at least getting the demo!

    Having already finished this game I can say that it really is great! Sad though that I nominated this for the indie game vote here but it didn't make the cut.

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