Tolerate A 3-Minute Trailer, Get A Set Of Battlefield Dogtags

There's probably a reason Act of Valor is being released in February, two months after the window closes for Academy Award nominees and generally the month in which distributors schedule their shittiest movies. The film may be visually interesting, but I have little hope for it being much more than a 120-minute Quicktime event.

Still, if you go to Battlefield 3's official site and watch the whole thing, you're entitled to a code offering you five unique in-game dogtags. Use them for... whatever. It's free DLC which, coming from EA, is saying a lot.

Act of Valor [Battlefield 3]


    Cheers for that. Few cool dog tags for an easy mute and alt tab trailer :D

    not worth the effort

    So why is this movie so bad? I'd watch it? Did i miss the really bad parts? Id already seen the trailer last week adn thought it was ok?

      Well, Gamers who read online blogs religiously (ie ppl who comment) are typically nerds/geeks.

      Nerds are generally smarmy, condescending bastards who always think something is crap even though they seldom offer up anything better themselves.

      Now I will get shot down for stereotyping :) Muahahahahaa.

        that is actually the impression i got too... I'm with you.

      The little plot it has will be based around the special effects. It will resemble a Michael Bay film. When it ends, you will walk out and never think about it again.

      Of course, if you play First-Person Shooters this kind of film is right up your alley. I hope you enjoy it.

        i don't play FPS games. I also enjoy your assumption that we do because we enjoyed a trailer that featured realistic special ops missions and technology I don't know how you people are getting all this from a trailer?

        Anyway, if I watch it ill let you know how it is.

    hope the code works, noticed at the bottom it said it was only valid for the US...
    also nothing can beat my Moar Dinosaurs one :P

      i have been wondering for a while now, what do you need to do or get to unlock the dinosaur dog tag?

    Tolerated it, doesn't seem too bad to me....maybe once its come out on a $5 BluRay......
    but stuff!

    I'm glad i watched that trailer. looks like a fairly decent action film. don't know why anyone would complain about watching that trailer.

    crap, code doesn't work. Only for US ....

      didn't work for me either, located in Australia. Got on to Ea Livechat about it and they said to check back later because the tool they use to check codes is down. sounded like bullshit to me. Rep's name was Chandan.

      worked for me, im in australia, just got it done now at 5:39pm 3/11/11 so the system may have been fucked up of its just the consoles not liking the system again

      worked for me in NZ, wasnt even a code it must somehow link to your battlelog because it was there instantly.

    worked for me :)

    apparently EA are having problems with the PS3 codes according to Kunal from EA's Livechat.

    grabbed the pc tags, easy to do, clicked the link, had the vid run in a tab and muted ^_^.

    chose my platform and done, i got 5 shiny new tags to pick from now.

    Let's see, did the directors spend six months interviewing and living with the SEALs? Check. Did they get the SEALs to take the main roles? Yep, they got eight of them. Did the directors plan things out with zero input from the SEALs? Nope, they got the SEALs to do all the operational planning.

    Quite frankly, I'm looking forward to it. It sounds we're finally going to get another movie that cuts out all the political bullshit and just tells the stories of the guys on the ground. The last movie I know of that did that was "The Odd Angry Shot", back in the '70s, so it's about time we got another film like that.

    I ran the vid played BF3 came back and got free tags +1 for my own effort.

    You know whats better than free DLC from EA? Activision! Oh wait....

    I'm actually going to share this trailer with friends. I thought it looked cool.

    If only DICE could tell a story half as good as this.

    Anyone in Aus with a OZ EA account know a workaround for this?

      Oh yea, for xbox only

    *ONLY VALID IN THE USA*, Kotaku AU - can you please update this post to warn your Aussie readers that this is pointless.

      KOTAKU AU, does anyone review comments / posts? You need to EDIT this post to warn Australians that this offer DOES NOT APPLY to people outside of "United States / Canada".

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