Trine 2 Will Feature Cross-Platform Multiplayer For PC And Mac

Trine 2 is getting both a Mac and a PC version, and developer Frozenbyte is going to see if they can play together nicely. The Steamworks version of the game will offer cross-platform multiplayer support, the studio said in a news release.

A newly released Mac beta, available to all who preorder the game, will allow players to test out the feature now. The game itself will be available later this year on aforesaid PC (Steamworks) and Mac, and also PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It'll cost $US14.99. The DRM-free Trine 2 releases next year.


    Game looks B e a utiful

    wow.. mac/windows crossplatform play in a game is worthy of news these days? What games dont have this?

    loved the first one think i might pre order this. sort but fun with cool physx stuff

    If it's got cross-platform play, i wonder if it will also be ps3-pc like portal 2. Nontheless still looking forward to this, but didn't know they pushed the rellease date till next year? No loss to me really, i already have a shame pile the size of Mt Everest :P

    Answering "al" above. For some reason, I can't click reply.

    There are very few games that play cross platform and comnig from an indie dev to boot is very exciting.

    This is a pleasant surprise.

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