Trine 2's An Explosion Of Co-Operative Colour

It's said, sometimes unfairly, that most modern games are little but varying shades of brown and grey. That's an accusation that could never, ever be levelled against upcoming co-op game Trine 2.

Like the first, it's an explosion of colours and lavish art design, which these new screenshots for the game show off to great effect.

As wonderful as everything looks, let's hope it doesn't look too wonderful when you're playing, and your characters (and the bad guys) get lost amidst all that gloss.

The game will be out on PC, Mac, PS3 and 360 early next month. If you want to check out some of the game's equally-gorgeous concept art, you can see that here.


    This looks gorgeous. I'll definately be picking it up!

    From playing it, I think the bloom/colors look great and don't adversely impact gameplay. If you pre-order on Steam right now you get access to closed beta, which has first level.

    I'm yet to finish the first one (pile of shame) but it's a damn awesome game and if these screens are anything to go buy then the sequel is going to be more awesome.

    The original Trine was so great. CAN'T WAIT for this one.

    I finished the first but haven't got all the XP yet - still 3 levels to go I think

    Looking forward to this one as well and for $15 can't really go wrong

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