Trolling Battlefield 3 Players With Some Well-Placed Explosives

There are plenty of videos out there showing just how "creative" Battlefield 3 players have gotten with the game's many explosives.

This particular video shows what lengths some people will go to do make a kill with an explosion... or a falling tower.


    What an annoying video.

      Yeah, this could have been better presented. Hell, the Benny Hill theme would have been completely fine...

    LOL!!!!! it\s given me more tips for shits and giggles online now :)

    I love C4

    The jeep packed with C4 was terrific, but getting two tanks was just amazing.

    This video was terrible. The actual footage was pretty good, but the internet memes, audio and music were just awful.

      The video would have been better without the shitty 4chan stuff.

    Obnoxious, thy name is this youtube guy.

    I enjoyed the funny shit he did but people used to do that crap with the choppers and dropping a guy out to knife you from behind in BFBC2. Not really a new thing.

    It also kinda ruined the game. So I will give the guy anti-kudos for fucking up a game I enjoy. Also, the 4chan meme shit is fucking annoying and old. Hoping that people move on from it soon.

    Lololololol lololol lololol TROLLOLOLOLOLL!

    Love that song. :D As for the rest ... that's just bf2 ... err ... I mean bf3. ;)

    The claymores don't explode until the enemy triggers it by movement so he should have made the sniper stand up on the last part.

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