Two Year Old Call Of Duty More Popular Than Battlefield 3 On Xbox Live Last Week

Two Year Old Call Of Duty More Popular Than Battlefield 3 On Xbox Live Last Week

Last year’s Call of Duty: Black Ops and 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 both remained the most played video games on Xbox Live the week Battlefield 3 hit stores, according to Microsoft stats.

It’s worth noting that Battlefield 3 wasn’t released until Tuesday, Oct. 25 and that these numbers include Monday’s players. So folks who may have abandoned Call of Duty for Battlefield on Tuesday in North America (and later in the week in Europe) may still be showing up for their gameplay on Monday. Next week will give us the first full apples to apples comparison.

Gears of War 3, when it hit, managed to squeeze between the two, often dominating Call of Duty games for a week on the charts but as of last week Epic’s shooter has drifted down to the four spot, beneath the Call of Duty duo and Battlefield 3.

Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare also both remain on the top 20 list as well.

LIVE Activity for week of Oct. 24 [Major Nelson]


    • Poor didums! Your choice of FPS didn’t hit the top spot in the first week.

      It came out mid week, it had server issues and it is the first week FFS. Some people do actually play the single player first so they may be playing BF3 but not exclusively online just yet. I know how that may sound stupid to you but your just gonna have to try and cope with it cupcake.

      Then again, maybe people check out reviews and comments online and see a constant barrage of immature BS posts like yours from BF3 fans and come to the conclusion that the majority of BF3 players are whiny little bitches with an inferiority complex.

  • Weren’t the 360 BF servers down for about two days? At least that’s what this very site was reporting. More quality stuff from kotaku US.

  • I believe the fact BF3 servers have been going up and down like no tomorrow might have something to play on this?

    At least MW is stable 😛

  • Oh for the love of all things holy please stop comparing the two. Wow, they both have guns and iron sights and manshooting… Must be basically the same game!

  • Its a great game but still not as good as COD. Maybe their next installment will take the top spot. I dont understand the war between the 2 games. I want them both to kickass.

    Nothing compares to COD online gameplay.

  • I love both CoD and BF. BF3 is a great game, but last night was the first night in 5 that I’ve been able to get on a server.

    Judging from the fact all of my ‘friends’ list that are on Battlefield are “In menus” permanently, I know it’s not an issue at my end..

    Maybe that has something to do with it..?

  • Could be that with CoD releasing next week they’re refreshing their skills before the coming slaughterfest?

  • I don’t care if people want to play call of duty, but hasn’t everyone played MW2 to death by now? Seriously, it makes me rage to see the majority of people playing a 2 year old, arguably broken, game, when October – November are THE months of the most anticipated NEW releases this year,


  • Keep in mind gears 3 was an xbox 360 exclusive, while call of duty: black ops was enjoyed by a younger audience more likely to play it on the console rather than the PC.

    Battlefield 3 was, and always will be a pc game, played by battlefield veterans over a 10 year franchise. All of the original players/fans will be in either their 20’s (or hitting 20).
    This large fan base would have invested in gaming rigs to compete with each release.

    You are essentially comparing a fan base made up of mature, pc gamers with the console players, who’ve had less experience with something of battlefield’s nature.

    The only people that are really going to play battlefield 3 on the console are the younger people who want to give it a try, or those who have never really played the earlier games – and it’s going to be a very small minority.
    It simply won’t compete with something like gears of war or call of duty.
    Implying it had the opportunity to “blow them out of the water” is a misleading statement

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