Up Close With The Sexiest 3DS There Is

The Legend of Zelda has its own 3DS. It looks fantastic. And it's not only the press photos that look great, but the actual hardware. It looks lovely unboxed on some dude's desk.

Website TikiSaurus picked up a Zelda: Ocarina of Time bundle during late night Black Friday sales and then took photos of them.

What a pretty, pretty little machine. Nice desk, too.

Zelda Black 3DS Bundle Unboxing [TikiSaurus]


    looks like black ds with gold * decals. And the triforce is upside down.

    * no precious metals in the gold etc etc

    There is one concern that I have. Will the gold detail wear away?

    Tell you what, I don't care if there's a new design on the way. I ain't going to let this baby down. She'll stay by my side till death us do part.

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