Visit The Re-Mastered Gulf Of Oman In This New Battlefield 3 Trailer

Visit The Re-Mastered Gulf Of Oman In This New Battlefield 3 Trailer

EA DICE’s promised shiny, new revisions of classic multiplayer locales from Battlefield 2 and this new trailer shows off how the seaside environment looks when done up in the Frostbite 2 engine. For some reference, see the videos below for how the Gulf of Oman used to look in its previous implementation.


  • Am I the only one that thinks that sounded a lot like Doctor Who at the beginning (the song anyway)?

    I just kept waiting for that synth line to kick in but it never did; this saddened me.

  • That’s cute and all, but “December” isn’t a release date.

    Also, not a realistic trailer because there was more than one person in the vehicles.

      • You realise he was probably joki- oh wait, you’re one of those stupid internet fanboys, I forgot that I don’t have to reply to idiotic posts like that.

    • OMG someone seriously needs to do a “Real BF3” where it shows vehicles with just a driver leaving the spawn, planes and choppers crashing spectacularly thanks to noob pilots and fail knifing, all to the same serious tone as the vids 😛
      (BTW I really do like BF3, but itd be funny to see a parody of the vids DICE put out about what you normally see in BF3)

      • That would be funny…

        They could also add people on the same team killing each other to get to the vehicles they want.

  • I can’t believe these assholes released a trailer spruking their upcoming dlc when game is still broken for thousands of players/customers, myself included. No more EA games being bought by me.

    • Just wondering what issues you’re having with it?

      I’m playing on the PC, and while I don’t tend to get the strange green flashes so much anymore, it still hangs on random occasion >_<

      I'm just glad the latest patch allows me to join a squad that I want!

      • I cannot connect to any games. It either hangs at “connecting” or a I get one of several messages along the lines of “game disconnected, could not join server” or “you have been disconnected from EA online”. The one time in one hundred I get past connecting it black screens and CTD’s.

        I’m thinking its Punkbuster related, but I’ve updated that several times.

        • All of the above has only started happening since the patch a week ago.

          Just watch the trailer for the first time, now I’m really pissed I can’t get the game to work any more.

          • Hmms, not sure about that one…

            I flashed my BIOS and got new sound drivers which didn’t totally fix the crashes, but seemed to make them occur less often.

            Also, the game hasn’t crashed once since I patched it, but then I haven’t been playing as often, so it’s probably the same.

            I just hope they continue to support the game (which they said they will – then again, this is EA), and not abandon it like BC2 (which STILL has that sniper scope bug in it)

          • Much as I’m getting the “incomplete experience” (or something) on Xbox, at least it works.

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