Waiting For A Crash Bandicoot Comeback

Spyro the Dragon made a comeback this year, co-starring in Activision's ambitious Skylanders series, but what about Spyro's PlayStation contemporary, that loud-mouthed anti-Mario called Crash Bandicoot?

Crash hasn't had a new console game since 2008. He's fallen off the map, and he's probably not going to come back as a Skylander. We asked Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg if, now that Spyro's been re-invented, it's time for a Crash comeback. His answer is above.


    Love the correct usage of talking marks.

    I agree though Crash has been gone for to long. We need him back!!!

    I'm betting right now they will do the same thing with Crash as they have just done with Spyro.

    The device is there in place, so they could almost just re-skin the game and make some minor changes so it's Crash instead of Spyro, make a supporting cast and it's done!

    This is something I hope doesn't happen though.

    As much as I would love a new (Naughty Dog era) Crash game, I won't hold my breath. It would be great if they returned to the series' roots (and character designs :P).

    Only Naughty Dog knows how to make a Crash Bandicioot game...sorry to say. Oh no, not Activision

    crash isnt a 'loud-mouth', the picture is missing 2 sets of annotations, and the full answer should be in the article, you've only given us fractured quotes!

    "that loud-mouthed anti-Mario called Crash Bandicoot"
    Wait, what?
    Crash never ever spoke in the first 3 games or the spin off Crash racing kart. Coco his sister spoke. Crash never did.
    I think you're getting confused with Sonic there.

    I'd like to point out on a tangent, but not completely unrelated note, what happened to crash team racing? As much as spinoffs are generally terrible, I legitimately had an awesome time when I was a kid playing that game. I would spend hours with friends just playing that game. For some reason I remember it much more fondly then mario kart.

    This actually really pleases me. It sounds as though he wants to find a way to make a good Crash game, not just another crappy sequel.

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