Walk Softly. Carry A Big Sword. Look Badass

You are looking at a cosplay that was eight months in the making. Eight months that were totally worth it. You are looking at cosplayer NealBomBad's Cecil Harvey from Final Fantasy IV. You are looking at greatness.

NealBomBad created Cecil Harvey's Dark Knight version using 3D modelling software and then printed the armour on his 3D printer. The total print time took 500 hours.

Then, the cosplayer coated, sanded, primed, painted and clearcoated the parts. NealBomBad told GameInformer, "The most difficult part was figuring out how to attach all the armour to themselves and to the body suit."

The most difficult part for me is thinking of something to say other than "wow".

Wow. Just. Wow.

CosBlog # 69: Cecil Harvey by NealBomBad [GameInformer via Reddit via Technabob via http://doope.jp/2011/1120660.html">doope via http://jin115.com/archives/51825947.html">オレ的]

Top photo: Judy Stephens/Cosplay.com


    Y u no craft by hand?

    That is freakin' rad though! It'd fun to gear up like that to go to the shop for eggs bacon and milk.

      Ha yea that's the first thing i thought. Still a pretty good job regardless.

    I've never been interested in the FF series, but that is pretty awesome...

    Though, I can help notice why he is holding Lion-O's sword... THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDER, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    That's epic as hell! He should do a Kain suit, too!

    3D printing can do things of this scale?! How much material would this have cost? :S

    The sheer volume of badassery in this suit has damaged my equipment. It's literally off the scale. I need to recalibrate everything!

    Wow, that is amazing, FFIV was always my favourite.
    I also was wondering why he was carrying the Eye of Thundara in his sword :P

    now THIS is cosplay I can get behind.

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