Watch An Imperial Assault Team Storm The Old Republic Equivalent Of The Death Star

Would-be Jedi and bounty hunters will finally be getting the chance to jump into the beta of the long-brewing Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO. The clip above highlights the kinds of massive conflicts that you'll find your TOR avatar embroiled in. Force powers, blasters, giant robots and jetpacks… good ingredients for a tasty action stew. We'll see how good they taste once The Old Republic beta goes live.


    "Massive" conflicts? There's more players than enemies. And the players still lose. What is this video supposed to show? I don't play MMOs, so maybe I'm missing something, but TOR looked interesting until I watched this. Someone please explain it to me.

      This clip is showing off the small group 'instanced' gameplay (known in SWTOR as a Flashpoint). In the MMO world you typically spend most of your time in the general population areas. If you go to a planet you can expect to run around and encounter both friendly and enemy players who are playing there at the same time.
      Instanced areas are smaller zones like say, a Sith temple, designed to be played by a set number of players at a time. You form your group, go inside, and a new instance of the zone is created for your group which only memebers of your group can enter.
      This makes it possible to do more traditional type stages like you see above. Out in the general areas it's very hard to do story driven content because players are all out of sync (imagine walking into a half complete level of The Force Unleashed). These instanced areas get around most of the limitations of the general world.

      So yeah, this is what the video is showing off. It's nothing ground breaking so in normal game terms this is essentially just footage of a level you'll get to play.
      Since you're not a MMO fan it's probably going to look pretty underwhelming but I suggest you power through and give the game a shot. MMORPGs tend to look absolutely terrible (gameplay-wise) compared to action games but they have certain charms that make them a lot of fun to actually play.

        Even still, for an instance the number of baddies was pretty low: a pair of droids at the start, a big machine and a half dozen (if you're generous) goobers/bodyguards with pistols and laser nailboards. Weak.

          Yeah. I'm not sure how I feel about that though. I really don't like the traditional trash packs most MMORPGs have. The sort where you enter a room with 20 enemies in it split into groups of five that you take out individually. I'm sort of hoping that SWTOR goes the DCUO route where you don't strictly need a tank/healer/2xDPS for trash and you fight packs more like solo an large number of solo content mobs than bosses.
          If there's a room full of guys they all get pulled together and you just beat them up and continue moving. You don't pull, win, stop, repeat until you hit a boss. You just continue to move forward through the trash staying in combat until you arrive at the boss.

          If they've gone down that sort of path then maybe you're not seeing many enemies simply because they don't stand around in packs. It still seems low population, but it might not be a horrible thing.

        Okay, I won't judge yet. I was just a bit thrown by the footage, because MMORPG has the word 'Massively' in it, and I figured it would be like, 30 humans against >100 NPCs or something. This was like 4 humans verses 3 (dumb-looking) NPCs and they lose. Maybe I've been spoilt against a more restrained style of gameplay by the mainstream action titles I frequent. Although I loved the shit out of KOTOR 1/2. We'll see I guess.

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