Watch As Halo Jumps Into Hell

Watch As Halo Jumps Into Hell

Halo: Helljumper is one of many Halo fan films, but it doesn’t look like any old Halo fan project. It looks fantastic.

The Halo: Helljumper web series kicks off next January. More info at Helljumper‘s Facebook page.

Halo: Helljumper Official Trailer [YouTube]


  • This is set on an Earth like planet right? with humans and stuff? because the setting is just to urban for m. and yes bad poo filter

  • Looks good for what I can imagine a very small budget.

    But did he really say, “It’s more than just dirt. It’s our dirt.”???

    If so… worst line ever written. The script will probably be quite bad. Even the “They do not have the intention of being friends” is quite bad as well. Friends? Really? C’mon!

    I guess the filter is necessary for the special effects. The Halo Community is so dedicated it’s great. It just puts more pressure on the cravings of a blockbuster Halo film. The only problem I have is that Bungie never made the series to appear so gritty yet a film would likely turn out that way.

    • I’ts actually a variation of a great halo wars quote: “That’s all Harvest is today. It’s hell down there. . . but it’s our hell.”

  • Really well done, the main voice actor needs to have his voice edited a little though, it is too flat for this type of film, nothing a good sound editor couldn’t fix, and don’t forget the foley!!!
    Another common flaw, if you are going to get a reaction shot, never be staring in one direction and then snap your head around, have the character actively doing something, don’t tell them when to turn, set of a loud ‘bang’ of some description behind them and let them react to that. They will get the required body jump and movement that is always missing from the ‘AND NOW LOOK LEFT’ direction.
    But seriously nicely done, a little more work on the sound, and a good editor and this could be epic.

  • “Look kid, I’m a kid too, but I’m gonna tell you some shit that’ll make you a less of a kid like me. You wanna be like me right? Coz we’re both kids, I’m just less of a kid coz you’re newer.” Seriously, why was a 20 something calling the new guy a “kid”? Coulda got someone who looked like a vet haha

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