Watch Massive, Epic Skyrim Battles Like You've Never Seen Before

Remember the Dragon spawning exploit in Skyrim? The one that allows you, oh I dunno, to spawn 50 dragons? YouTube user Colloseus X figured out that you can flip off the A.I., spawn large groups of characters, then flip the A.I. back on and watch them beat the crap out of each other.

"Basically I have been putting lots of creatures up against other creatures," ColloseusX told Kotaku.

In his videos, ColloseusX created a whole host of showdowns: 42 Imperials versus 10 Forsworn, 40 Stormcloaks versus two Draugr Death Overlords, 30 Bandits versus two Falmer Skulkers—and more, all viewable in 1080p.


    You should stream these live and take bets :)


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