Watch Men Recreate Insane Metal Gear Solid Gun Tricks

In Metal Gear Solid 3, there are a few points where Ocelot hits the ridiculous button and spends an eternity spinning pistols like a cowboy in a beret. It looks too crazy to be able to pull off in real life, right? Right?

Wrong! There's an entire movement on YouTube devoted entirely to recreating the character's insane pistol tricks, some clips being genuinely impressive (above), other clips being mostly impressive and a little scary.

Metal Gear Solid 3 real life gun spinning [Reddit]


    the last video makes me feel uncomfortable. he doesn't look nearly as cool as i assume he assumes he does.

      Yeah the last one looks like one that'll get a run on Sky News after the kid runs mental at his school and they ask *How did no one see this coming I mean look at THIS*.


      But watch it, he's from NZ and he shares a bunk bed.

    Only watched the first video. While its cool, it's needs a side by side comparison.

    Does Kotaku Aus, really have to publish these American puff pieces?? - The videos arent even recent - one says look out for "MGS4 due out next year"

      Agreed. I would love the option to turn off all Kotaku US 'articles'. They're absolute garbage. Kotaku AUS should be AUS articles only with the option of hiding or displaying the US ones.

        Get your KotakuAU fix by subscribing to their RSS feed. You have the choice between just the AU articles or all the articles posted on this site.

    Wow, why would any game developer put that in? It looked plain stupid.

      It was meant to be campy, like pretty much every scene from MGS3 in which Revolver Ocelot appears in, which I believe it succeeds in doing. If you want a laugh, look up Revolver Ocelot's ocelot call from the same game. It's even worse (but also hilarious for a guy who is trying to be a Snake-level badass).

    its not the fault of kotaku US, its just luke plunkett again and again

    It's not a huge news piece, but it's not terrible. I am impressed with the dexterity in some of these videos. (And I found the original MGS3 scene utterly mesmerising, even though I'm not a gun person).

    I don't mind a lighter article every now and again. For your part, feel free not to click on it

    don't try this at home!

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