Watch Skyrim’s Amazing Flying Fossil Dragon Fight To Its Death

Watch Skyrim’s Amazing Flying Fossil Dragon Fight To Its Death

Yesterday, we had human faces disappearing in Bethesda’s hit action RPG. Today, in glitch-or-feature news, it’s dragon skin and sinew that’s nowhere to be seen. Being nothing but a skeleton doesn’t stop this dragon from putting up a fight, though.

Skeletal Dragons in Skyrim?
[YouTube — Thanks Peter!]


  • This is one of those glitches that I hope happens to me… and often. ๐Ÿ˜›

    I never saw one ‘animal person’ in RDR, though… still… one can hope. *crosses fingers*

  • I’ve run into three instances now where I’ll exit a building back into Skyrim only to have a previously defeated dragon’s skeleton fall out of the sky in front of me. Not sure what the deal is there.

    • Same thing happened to me last night, walked out of the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary and a dragon skeleton landed right infront of me. Scared the shit out of me!

      • Almost every time I go to the College in Winterhold the entrance is cluttered with the skeletons of up to, I think it’s 5 dragons now. They keep attacking me there, getting killed, and then not leaving me alone. Seriously beginning to bug me actually.

        • I wish they would only drop in front of me, but for some reason the one at the north tower where you defeat the first dragon it keeps dropping from the sly on top of my character if i go in sneak mode.

  • you guys sure this is a glitch? i mean most creatures and characters are animated using block like bone objects like the bones syustem in 3d max. i couldnt see what the point would be of having such a realistic skeleten beneath a 3d mesh that isnt even visible.

  • There is skeletal dragons in Skyrim in a few places it’s not a bug.

    In fact to finish the arch-mage quest line you NEED to kill one in a large chamber.

  • This just happened to me. I absorbed the soul before it actually died. xD And I’m loving it. fighting an undead dragon is way cool.

  • Fought a dragon and during the fight it took off from the dragon ground burning all its skin and flesh off, absorbed the soul while it continued the fight undead. Dragon skeletons’ stay on the ground if you don’t loot everything.

  • Haven’t had this happen yet, but on my brother in law’s save we have a glitch with dragon skeletons falling from the sky onto the walkway to the College of Winterhold every time he loads the area. There’s a large pile of them now in the canyon below.

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