What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Uncharted 3? Skyrim? Batman: Arkham City? No, no, and no. Despite having access to all three games, I will be playing none of them this weekend. Why? I'm about to enter my last week of university (as in after this I will have completed my double degree! Forever! Yayayayayayay!) and I have assignments to do. But hey, don't let my tedious workload get in the way of your fun. What are you playing this weekend?

In other news, it's kind of difficult to find images of school-related games without coming across hentai. Memo to self: start using Safe Search.


    Uncharted 3, Dark Souls and a little game known as "trying to come up with stuff to write so that I don't fail miserably at NaNoWriMo".

    Nothing... I'm currently 6,000km's away from my games on a business trip :(

    Mafia II. Four chapters to go!

    Maybe Uncharted 3 if I get it.
    Maybe Demon's Souls if I get it.
    Maybe Arkham City if I get it.

    Avoiding NaNoWriMo has been REALLY good for my gaming. *facepalm*

      Also, congrats Tracey! A huge accomplishment, especially with everything else you somehow manage to fit into your life!

    Well this weekend I have a choice between:

    Batman: Arkham City
    Dark Souls
    Battlefield 3
    Forza 4
    Sonic Generations

    on a semi-related note I am flat broke

    I am still hoping for some kind of miracle that results in me getting my hands on Modern Warfare 3 today instead of next week.

    Failing that, probably Arkham City. I'm only just now up to the part of the story I was at before my savefile got corrupted.

    If I don't end up going away, I'll be hitting up some Battlefield 3 an Dark Souls. Rage has fallen on my backburner, I found it pretty boring to be honest, I'll finish it eventually. Just paid in full for Skyrim and MW3 so I think I'll be taken care of for a while.

    Also, congrats on uni!

    Congrats on the degree, Tracey.

    I'll be dipping into nostalgic awesomeness with KoTOR and KoTOR II.

    Playing some more Once Upon a Monster with my Nephew which is best kids game I have seen and a really awesome use of Kinnect. Also good for a few easy acheivements.

    If I get some time probably more Battlefield 3 which I am slowly getting better at and by that I mean not dying 30 times and killing one person...by accident...when I crash my helicopter.

      Also congrats on winning uni...hopefully there will be a parade when your done.

    Rage, and maybe a little Demons Souls.

    Best of luck with the final week Tracey!!! At least assignments aren't exams, so a positive thought is, it could be worse.

    Blocks that Matter. Enjoying the Humble Bundle while waiting for Skyrim.

    Oh and Congrats on the uni degrees - awesome work!

    I will be playing Bioshock, hopefully my friend brings his copy of RAGE so I can play that as well, and then drive into hopefully getting Batman AA working so i can finish that, then some more Hard reset and maybe some demon souls and start playing that again.

    I'm gonna make you all super jealous by telling you that I'm gonna be playing solitare as this is the only thing my pc will run atm! w00!

    Probably breaking out a bit of space marine, backed up with some Modern warfare 2 in preparation for MW3 coming on on Tuesday (or sooner) Need them prestiges *twitches*

    Have no idea... with Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, Batman : Arkham City, PixelJunk Sidescroller, Okabu, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, Infmaous : Festival Of Blood, Hydrophobia all recently purchased/downloaded...

    I'm sure it will be something from that list.

    Nice boat?

    Personally, finishing off Batman and then straight into Uncharted 3. Hopefully finishing off both this weekend so I've got time for all the other stuff that's coming.

    Battlefield 3, even though I have to apply the same damn fix everytime I boot my machine up to play. Cursed UPnP

    will be playing Battlefield 3, Dead Island and Dungeon Defenders.

    only got Battlefield working last night, came to the conclusion pretty quickly that after not playing any FPS games for over a year (maybe closer to 2) i suck... bad.

    hopefully it wont take long to get back to being semi decent :D

    WAIT, WHAT????
    *starts frothing at the mouth and collapses*

      Well, I think this post makes that decision entirely worth it.

    Congrats on finishing uni!

    Anyway, I finally got Arkham City from OzGameShop, so I'll be starting that. Also need to get back to Xenoblade, and wrap up some loose ends in Burnout Paradise.

      Ozgameshop orders are arriving?? I wish I was home today :(

        They're what?!?!

        I... need to go home.

          Ps3 or xbox? I ordered the xbox CE and I'm still waiting. Had a friend order the ps3 CE at the same time and his arrived last week.

            I got the PS3 steelbook, it took a bit over 2 weeks to arrive FYI.

    The perfect quadrella; Dark Souls; Uncharted 3; 30th b'day party (not my own) and Golf.

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