What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I've had to make some big choices in my life, but this may be one of the biggest: Skyrim or Skyward Sword.

Nerd World Problems, right? But this is important! I haven't always been sucked in by Bethesda RPGs, but Skyrim is a huge exception. I'm about 12 hours in and I'm starting to feel that very compulsive need to be be in that world. I want to start Skyward Sword more than anything, but I also want to experience Zelda without switching back and forth between Skyrim.

It's a bit like a good book -- you want to finish the one you started before moving on. But... I don't want to feel pressure to finish Skyrim quickly, because it's not that kind of game.

Like I said -- Nerd World Problems.

My solution so far has been this -- Super Mario 3D Land for my commute, Skyrim until I'm done. Skyward Sword has slowly become my most anticipated game of the year, so I want to light some candles and get romantic with that game. I'm happy to plug away at Skyrim until I get over it.

So I guess what I'm saying, in a roundabout way, is that I'll be playing Skyrim this weekend. And holding off on Zelda.


What are you folks playing this weekend?


    I'm going to be home alone for most of the weekend, so after I set up a network of crazy contraptions to keep the robbers at bay, I'm going to be playing ALL the games:
    - Skyward Sword!
    - Super Mario 3D Land!
    - Arkham City (Finishing new game plus)!
    - Rock Band 3 (Inspired by the Brisbane Meat people)
    - Maybe something multiplayer on 360 if anybody has a suggestion?
    - NOT Skyrim!

    Fun ahoy!

      You arn't playing Skyrim so this hereby renders your comment illegitimate.

        But he did mention Skyward Sword which makes the comment doubly legible! And valid! And awesome.

          ever since I saw the first screens for Skyward Sword I've been regretting selling my Wii, even though at the time of sale it hadn't been touched in 11 months.

            +1 to this

    Batman if it's patched, but that's looking unlikely. Might replay Uncharted 3?

    Dark souls! Ratchet and Clank a crack in time!

    Nothing could stop me from playing Skyward Sword! Although I can see your point Mark...you really need to take the time and really enjoy a game like Zelda. Don't want to be bouncing between 2 games.

    Battlefield 3. And I picked up Ratched & Clank Tools of Destruction for $15 so I might give that a bash, too.

      Tools of destruction is pretty awesome but i like a crack in time better because you can choose a difficulty level

        Yeah, but they didn't have that going for $15 :P

          Ha ha you could always clock it and trade towards the other and it would prob bring you close to costing $15

          You say that now... but you'll wish that ACIT is $15 when you pick up A Crack In Time pretty much straight after finishing Tools Of Destruction. :p

          Oh the time puzzles were so much fun!

            What about the other one? Quest for Booty? Any good?

              I haven't played that yet, only had a ps3 for a couple of weeks! its only 16 bucks or so on ozgame though

              The story continues but sidetracks at the same time, it's not really worth worrying about as it's more of a prologue to ACIT.

              As it was originally a PSN game, length comes in at about 3-4 hours, so you won't get lost with the story by moving past it, just wiki it.

    Going to try and play either WWE'12 or Skyrim over the weekend

    I've play roughly 35 hours of Skyrim, but still feel like I've got a long ways to go due to my exploring the world find as many side quest as I can. But I've ignore the game all this week due to my mission to 100% finish Saints Row 3. So in a nutshell, I'll be playing SR3 and probably Skyrim. :)

    SWTOR weekend beta and GTA4
    If I get my new computer then some Skyrim as well.

    Oblivion, with about 50 mods installed.

      to make it look like skyrim

    Yesterday's article about classical music reminded me that I still need to finish Shadow of the Colossus!

    Old Republic Beta!... or one of the 10 free EA games I scored due to their website glitch!

    Skyward Sword has to wait until I give it to my daughter for Christmas.
    I wish I'd been able to hold off on starting Skyrim until I'd finished Dark Souls though, switching between the two is getting me killed in Dark Souls.

    But this weekend I will be playing Skyrim, sneaking off to slay dragons and hoard ALL THE STUFFS whenever I can escape the kids.

      Dito... I pushed so hard with Dark Souls in the weeks leading up to Skyrim, fully knowing that trying to play both was not going to work. I'm about 70 hours into Dark Souls and sadly have had to park it whilst I live and breath Skyrim... sad, I know. Can't see myself playing anything else really until the Christmas holidays.

    Mark, dude... put down the Skyrim. It's ok. You have Zelda. Just put Zelda in. Face the music, and play Zelda. Srsly.

    - WWE 12
    - Sonic Generations 3DS
    - Super Mario 3D Land
    - Zelda Skyward Sword

    I was hoping I'd be able to get my copy of Cave Story 3D this week as well but unfortunately I've been told its been delayed until next week. Oh well I have 2 games which will be more than enough to give my 3DS some much needed love this weekend.

    Also I'm really looking forward to the release of VVVVVV on the 3DS

      Are you like, 12?

        no. . .

        I've spent a lot of money the last few weeks on video games, and while I do admit this weeks purchases do seem to be a bit on the. . . 'childish' side, they do not discount the fact that preceding them I've bought games like Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, MW3 (impulse), Skyrim, Dark Souls, Forza 4 and so forth.

        I'm a fan of the WWE series and I think WWE 12 is one of the best games THQ and Yukes have released in recent memory. I am a long time sonic fan who thoroughly enjoyed Sonic Generations on the PS3 and Mario and Zelda are an incentive for me to play my neglected 3DS and Wii consoles as well as being great games in their own right. But why do I need to justify my purchases to you?

          You really didn't need to justify yourself. Dude was being rude.

            Yeah man, he was being a douche plain & simple. I bought Skyward Sword yesterday, & will pick up Mario 3D Land & Sonic Generations on 3DS soon hopefully.
            And Im 26 btw


                No. Just no.

                  Too late, mature gamer man with well written posts and rational opinions!

        A sad comment, Mr Woods. Learn to embrace your inner child.

          Well I am being a douche on the Internet, that's pretty childish right?

            There's being child-like, and then there's being immature.

            And I guess there's not that much of a difference between the two. Well done for embracing your inner child. ;)

    Zelda all the way, Skyrim can get stuffed (until next weekend).

    In between the in betweeners and drinking, i might dabble in some skyrim and bf3, and try wrestle mario 3ds from my gf and give that a go. oh and install SR3

    Bought Zelda but have to wait for the 25th of December to play that one so i will be playing SM3DL as a pre christmas compromise.

    Also i'm going to finally finish Uncharted 2.

    Old Republic beta stress test. And looking forward to it too! And when I get sick of Star Wars, Skyrim!

    Adventuring in....it's starting to feel like a dirty word now....not because of the 'rim' in the title, just because it seems like it's beyond overkill on Kotaku, as we all have observed. But hey....whatever....SKYRIM!

      I've been meaning to say this for a while now but your gravatar pic is my favourite.

        Thanks Captain McCarnical!Classic Bale. Classic Film.

          *McGarnical - sorry.

            No worries! The Internet can't agree how to spell the name anyway.

    My big question is whether to play Skyward Sword after I bring it home... or to go back and dust off Twilight Princess, and finish that first.

    I last played it back in January 2007, I was playing both Wii and GameCube versions, playing one leg on GCN, then the same on Wii, next one on Wii, same on GCN, etc, in an effort to test out which of the two was superior (answer: GameCube). Restored the light spirit at Lake Hylia, then got busy with something or other and never ended up getting back to it.

    I guess the next question would be whether to continue the experiment, or just ditch the Wii version :P

    Well I finished Saints Row but I need to do a second playthrough for achievement purposes, as well as chasing 100% completion in my primary game.

    However, I will also be trying to dedicate some time to finishing Assassin's Creed Revelations so my wife can stop being mad at being unable to discuss the game with me (same thing happened last year with Brotherhood until I sat down and finished it in one 6-hour stretch).

    There will also probably be some MW3 multiplayer.

    If the weather brightens up, then I'll be looking at buying a new edger, and thus trying to combat the forest that has developed because of the lack of edger! Probably mow the lawn also, maybe some weeding!

    If it's still crap, then will be trying to limit my gaming to AssRev and Saints Row 3 only, though LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 with the girlfriend is likely to pop up also.

    Skyward Sword takes precedence over every other game, for me. Skyrim will just have to wait. I'll probably end up just starting a new game when I get back around to it (as a Mage this time, the companions aspect of Skyrim really isn't built with stealth characters in mind...)

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