What Do You Hoard In Skyrim?

What Do You Hoard In Skyrim?

It’s time to be honest about this: we may wax poetic about how we play Elder Scrolls games for the epic quest, the giant map, and the sweeping vistas. But a lot of folks only play the game for the sweet, sweet hoarding. In a world as huge and detailed as that of Skyrim, there are so many things to do, so many quests to undertake… and so many items to pick up and pack away into storage.

The amazing image above, posted on Reddit, shows the work of a player who has taken in-game hoarding to a new high. (Or is it new low? I don’t even know anymore.) There are so many baskets! I wonder if each basket has been placed on the head of an NPC.

I only just got around to purchasing some land in Whiterun, and already I’ve begun to fill the space up with extra junk I’ve found in my travels. What do I use it to store? Actually, I use it to store the ridiculously burdonsome dragon parts I keep picking up after battles. Each set of dragon bones has 15 weight? The hell? With that kind of weight, I’m surprised I’m not carrying around the entire skeleton. I suppose I also hoard “miscellaneous quests,” because: damn. Joel tells me that he hoards books, which I like, as a concept — certainly sounds more fun than reading them, am I right?

Which makes me wonder: What do you hoard in Skyrim? Anyone got a collection that rivals this one?

I’m a bit of a hoarder. [Reddit]


  • What the… wow.

    I’ve played Oblivion, but I never did anything like this. I bought one house, and then promptly forgot where it was, and went on with the story.

    Am I playing these games wrong??

  • In Fallout 3 my housemate and I went on a mission to get every burnt book we found in the game into the house in Megaton.
    We buried the love heart shaped bed that was on the floor and built a giant messy pile.
    It was a fun diversion to be sure.

  • In morrowind and Oblivion I hoarded Helmets, only because they were easy to place on shelves. But in Skyrim I collect bows and books, those book shelves are the greatest addition to house furnishing.

  • Skytaku, KoRim. Time to change your website name? I play Skyrim too but the amount of drivel about the game on this website is ridiculous.

    • It’s not dribble mate, it’s one of the best selling video games to come out in a VERY long time (Besides Call of duty) and almost every single person that visits this website is extremely in love with it right now.

      They are catering to us, the readers and all the Skyrim articles get heaps of attention otherwise they wouldn’t be doing these articles..

      I love Skyrim and I love every single one of these articles!

    • They’re covering an immensely popular game that an uncommonl large quantity of people are enjoying right now. It’s also so immense that there’s more than a lot of things to talk about.

      Lighten up.

  • That image is hilarious! Now I want to see what it would look like to have a house filled with gold coins/ingots. (Then someone work on a mod that lets you swim in all of your money while yelling “I’M RICH!”)


  • I have about 300 potions just piled up in the corner beside the table up the back. That’s about the extent of my hoarding.

  • Bought the house in Whiterun so far, I keep:

    -Food in the barrels under the stairs, for cooking when I want
    -Dragon bones/scales in the chest above the bookshelf in the alchemy room
    -Books in the 2 bookshelves
    -Bounties/papers in the chest next to my bed
    -Gems/ingots/ores/leather in the cupboard next to the fire
    -Special Weapons either on the rack or in the cupboard in the kitchen if I don’t need ot or can’t disenchant or won’t sell them.

    Kinda over the top but can find something quick when I need to!

    Oh and my hired companion who is now my husband is a great pack mule too.

  • Not really hoarding per se, but I keep all my Dragon Bones and Scales in my chest in the Arch-Mage’s quarters at Winterhold (saving them for armour smithing), along with a ridiculous number of gems and jewellery – mainly because I can never find a vendor with enough gold to afford them. Hell, I’ve got a the Right Eye of the Falmer (a 5 lb. gemstone worth 2500G) just lying on a shelf somewhere, cos I can’t sell it to anyone for it’s actual value.

    Anyone know of any rich vendors?

  • Heh… very nice.

    I hoard dragon bones, scales and smithing supplies in one cupboard in whiterun, a couple of hundred potions in another. Books on every available shelf. Bounty letters and notes. I have a bowl for all my keys (like…20). I have a barrel in my room in Winterhold college filled with alchemical incredients…. Um…

    I’m sure I’ve forgotten something…

  • I have all kinds of garbage tucked away in the Mages College. Mostly stuff I couldn’t be bothered selling. Must have a tonne of jewelry stashed. Good for practicing enchanting.

  • i gave away everything i own. now i just run around without my clothes on playing tag with children in whiterun. its kinda creepy that everyone in skyrim is OK with letting a naked magic lizard chasing their kids around town.

  • I really don’t keep much of anything. Once an item has outlived it’s usefulness – weapon or armor, it gets sold. I keep dragon bits and daedra hearts, rarer items fo crafting. I don’t keep anything else at all, except for one thing – I have started hoarding sweetcakes.

    It didn’t start right away, but the first time I saw one, I wanted it. I have since started buying/thieving every sweetcake my eyes come across. It’s developed into a minor sickness that results in me entering every building I come across and searching for sweetcakes.

  • Books go on the bookshelf.
    Food and drink goes in the barrels
    Weapons and Apparel go in the warddrobe/drawers
    Alchemy and Smithing ingredients go in the alchemy room.

    Even my Skyrim character has basic nerd OCD

  • Those dragon bones and scales ar’nt really worth hoarding to craft dragon armour you need 100 points of smithing and use about 7 perks.And if you play for that long I’m sure you’ll find something better.

  • wonder how well the save game file handles all that!

    also, anyone else get minor damage when walking over stuff sometimes?

  • In my Breezehome…

    -Rare weapons go on the weapon rack
    -Food goes in the cupboard next to the fire
    -Good books of lore go in the bookcases (both now full)
    -Potions go in chest above the second bookcase (around 90lbs in the chest, 35lbs on my char)
    -Ingredients go in the Alchemy satchel on the Alchemy Lab table
    -Extra weapons and armour I like go in the cupboard on the 2nd floor, opposite the guest room
    -Clothes and jewellery in the drawers in the bedroom
    -All MISC items go in the chest next to the bed.

    When I’m questing, I like to keep my char no heavier than 170lbs. I “TOOK” all of the stored stuff on my char’s inventory during the weekend and my total weight was 727lbs…

    oh and I’ve got a lute, a flute and a drum next to the first bookcase by the fire. Just in case I have company =P

  • I’m collecting books in Skyrim. Even started reading some of them, and trying not to double up! Additionally, I’m keeping alchemy ingredients in the cupboard. In Fallout: New Vegas, I kept a selection of cutlery from all across the Mojave… and I stored it all in a bath!

  • I’m roughly 2000 gold short of buying the Breezehome. I’m having an awfully hard time ditching books and other extremely valuable items when overencumbered so I aslo have a few hidey-holes scattered around Skyrim.

    As soon as the Breezehome is mine, I’ll be recovering all of the items. They should still be there…

  • Close to first thing I did was go to solitude and get enough gold together to buy proudspire manor. Now i’ve got 3 stories of house to fill with lovely lovely junk.

    Though I can imagine xbox crashing if I do a horde.. I might do a dagger pile on the bottom floor somewhere.

  • I collect Iron Arrows, I don’t use a bow, but I pickup every one that I find, I wanna see how many I can get in one play through. They have no weight so I assume it’s be hundreds by the end of the game.

  • I hoard Daedric Artifacts, and then I buy every weapon I can and use a bow that soul traps mixed with stealth assassinations of civilians and the black star to make dozens of my own powerful weapons and armour MWAHAHAHAHAHHAH

  • In Oblivion on my main character I have literally hundreds of torches. I’ve used maybe 3 in all the time Ive played that game, which is a lot.

    In Skyrim I still haven’t bought a house yet… keep forgetting to do that, So I haven’t hoarded much per se, other than keeping most unique weapons and Dragon bones on the back of my companion ;-P

    Also, I’ve only run into one torch in Skyrim so far… slightly dissappointed at that.

  • In Oblivion, I ran a potions business. I spent most of the game FTing from city to city, collecting all the food and flowers and stashing it in my shack in IC. Then every so often, I’d get it all out, make potions of it all, and sell it in multiple trips at the CC in town. I’m not able to do this in Skyrim yet, with no house, but I’ve been collecting all the food I see, even to where I have to eat some to make room for more. I just love gathering food.

  • that’s one crazy printscreen..haha

    I am a sucker for books + weapons, especially good-looking weapons..though i put them all in storage/shelves …is there a limit on what you could store in those storage boxes?

  • At my home in Whiterun I keep a ton of my jewels, enchanted necklaces and rings, soul gems and highest value circlets in the nightstand next to the bed.
    I have thousands of ingredients in my satchel and potions through the house.
    My enchanted armor, robes, staffs, are in chests.
    My books are on the shelves…
    I keep everything lol and admittedly am addicted to the game but WTF who keeps baskets and all that garbage? I remove misc. items from my home and keep only things that I think are extremely cool/decorative or very high value…mostly high value X))
    Agh- Skyrim junkie!!

  • -books in library
    -heads and skulls on tables
    -extra set of armor on my bed in human shape
    -my first stolen cake
    -soul gems filled just for atmosphere
    -and finally dead chickens all over the floor (^_^)

  • I hoard weapons and armor that I plan on improving, then enchanting, then selling. I mostly use the two chests by the door in the Hjerem. The left one has stuff to be improved/enchanted, and the right is to be sold outright. The wardrobe adjacent from the false one is for ingredients, the wardrobe upstairs is for potions, the left nightstand is for quest trophies that are too cool to sell or required too much work to give up, and right is smithing materials and soul gems. I do so much dungeon crawling there’s a huge buffer of guff to sell because of vendors not having enough money to sell the high-end stuff to. Not that it matters anyway…I have 70,000 septims just lying around…

  • Oh, and books. I have some of the more expensive ones (most likely skill books, but some are just rare), and also books from quests. There’s no containers left in the Hjerem to just stick books in, and the bookcases are lacking in capacity. The other books I just read on the wiki.

  • I hoard all of my outfits, the full ones like all of the Shrouded (Dark Brotherhood) Armor, the Thieves Guild Armor, usually the first suit of armor I ever wore in the whole game, and every Daedric artifact I can find. I also like to keep every single book so I can give my spouse and potential children intelligence and skills lol basically anything that’s cool-looking and sentimental (but none of the bullshit enchanted regular weapons with cool names like Red Eagle’s Fury…that’s just an Ancient Nord Sword with a name lol) but yea, it’s all for the kids at my home in Solitude! 😀

  • Random bugs in jars!!! Also I’m filling that empty room in the solitude house basement with hundreds of gold ingots : D.

  • I hoard jewelry, skulls and embalming tools (I just found my first set so this is a plan as of now). Oh and enchanted armor because I have no idea how to work dis/enchanting.

  • In Skyrim I’m hoarding boots and alcoholic drinks. I also an trying to get a lot of jewellery. I have 5-8 bloody rags. Books, unique items, a carrot, brooms, instruments, things like that. I’m gonna start getting embalming tools.

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