What Happens When You Spawn 50 Dragons In Skyrim?

What Happens When You Spawn 50 Dragons In Skyrim?

In the PC version of role-playing game Skyrim, there is a string of code which will allow players to spawn dragons. The creatures, as previously mentioned, aren’t exactly flying around in huge packs in the game.

But paste the code once, you’ll get one dragon. Paste it twice, you’ll get two. What if you paste it, oh I dunno, 50 times?

Kotaku reader Legend of Myth tried it out, seeing how many dragons his computer could handle on the Ultra settings before crashing.

“I stopped at 50 dragons because FRAPS started having issues keeping up the framerate while I was recording,” Legend of Myth said. “I had to enable God Mode right away because they would have killed me within seconds.”


In case you missed it, check out Kotaku‘s Skyrim review.

Skyrim Dragon Barrage! [YouTube]


    • The best part is that Skyrim can have a heap of articles published about it and receive almost universal praise and little to no ill-word spoken of it but certain other games will generate a lot of nerd rage.

      To expand upon the ridiculous nature of this, one game can be part of a series that has recycled it’s engine and assets yet be ridiculously popular due to polished gameplay and such only to receive ridicule and moronic comments online whilst another game can be part of a series (funnily enough this applies to the same dev’s other major series as well) that is always behind the ball graphically (not to mention countless other non-graphical design issues) and is only ever actually improved by the community (for free) because the developers are incapable of delivering a game anyone but fanboi’s would touch.


      /queue Bethesda lover+MW3 hater combined rage.

      • I don’t see Bethesda releasing an Elder Scrolls game every twelve months… Maybe that’s got something to do with it.

          • Open world rpg =/= linear FPS. I like both games, but the sheer size the world in Bethesda games makes it impossible to squash all the bugs. The more complicated something is, the more room for error.

          • Because they’ve modelled everything dynamically down from the exoplanets and aurora down to a frickin’ bug in the sand, in great detail too. It’s bloody amazing.

            I’m absolutely blown away by the game. I’ve never been a huge Elder Scrolls fan, but I’m sold now.

            For the record too, I bought MW3 and still haven’t unwrapped it because of skyrim. It’s sitting in front of my TV.

      • I would have to say that, if you’re looking at the PC version of MW3 or Skyrim then you’re wrong. Skyrim has the slight edge in what is and has been a mediocre race to the bottom for PC hardware support. Both games are barely more then shameless ports of their console brethren, but Skyrim does win for advancement over it’s prequels AND overall in the graphics dept. Sure, some aspects aren’t quite as detailed, but you have to remember the old adage ‘you can’t compare apples and oranges’ or rather ‘open world games to linear games’. There is simply different requirements lumped on each type.

        As for the polished gameplay argument, I’m an artist, not a game designer, but I judge polish both on advancement of concepts as well as the perfection of old and MW3 only really does the latter, while Skyrim does both. It’s undeniable that the quests are entirely worked over and truly modern in style. Far less of ‘go here and get x’. And the old aspects have all recieved a spit and shine too. NPC interactions are smoother, the UI cleaner, the combat more fluid, by leaps and bounds over Oblivion & Fallout 3.

        But I think there is a pretty clear case of wanton over promotion when it comes to Skyrim on Kotaku. I loved the game and like hearing about it, but it’s a pretty busy season for games and it seems like every second article is about it at the moment. Was it like this for Portal 2? GTA IV? I don’t think so.

        • Skyrim has only truly improved graphically and that is it. Gameplay is still clunky awkward animations, ui lacks any kind of logical design, AI is still pathetically stupid. It’s improved over Oblivion but still remains lacking. So really it’s gone from steaming pile of shit to slightly cooled pile of shit. Grats Bethesda, you’ve struck out again. Thank god you have dedicated fans who are willing to fix everything you fuck up.

          Games like MW3 who lack the graphical innovation are still miles ahead in terms of flawless gameplay.

          • You’re comparing linear vs open world. You do realize that right? A shooter with basically one mechanism vs an RPG with dozens and dozens of mechanisms. I’d like to see IW produce something of Skyrims scope. why the fuck are you referring to MW3 in a skyrim article anyways.

          • Jesus Christ on a stick. Why are you comparing MW3 to Skyrim? Different genre, different developer, different demographic, different amount of quality. Blah blah blah. I could go on.

            In terms of comparisons of the too, really all you can compare is the amount of effort put into both games. if you are to do this then Skyrim obviously comes out on top.

      • Dude, seriously would you stop with stupid MW3 fanboy crap in EVERY single game piece that isn’t MW3? This isn’t even the same genre as MW3, so why do you feel the need to comment on this game being crap compared to MW3?

        I could sit here and list points which void your arguments of “CoD being a superior god”, but it would be a waste of my time, since it’s blatantly clear you will continue to be ignorant and make pointless irrelvant comments on every article that always goes back to MW3.

        With the energy it takes you to skip the actual article, and to scroll down and post a comment about MW3, you could have probably played in 3 games and been happy in your perfect little world. So instead of being a troll here why dont you go do that, unless you have something relevant to the article at hand?

        Back on topic:
        Seeing the video reminded me of the Underworld in GoWIII for some strange reason. I’m interested to know the persons specs if he can run it on ultra AND spawn 50 dragons at the same time. If i tried doing that on my computer, i think it will self combust into flames

  • How come the embedded videos on this site never allow you to go to the video to see the comments? Like normally when you embed a youtube video it gives you the option to click this button that takes you to the actual youtube videos page, but nope! not this site, now there is the “watch later button” but that’s a hassle cause then u gotta bring up youtube then go into your “watch later” play list THEN click the video witch is a complete waste of time because i could just copy and past the video title in that same amount of time.

    aaaaaaaaaand that’s my little unnecessary stupid lazy rant for the day….fix yo s**t Kotaku.


  • Another article where Chazz says MW3 is amazing and everything else is crappy, then gets mad as fuck when people don’t agree with him.

    Hate more things, Chazz! Let the hate flow through you…

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