What If Grand Theft Auto V Was In Liberty City?

Using the wonders of the personal computer, the team at GTAVTV went out and recreated the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, shot-for-shot, only instead of being set in Los Santos it's in GTAIV's Liberty City.

You can catch the original here for comparison's sake.

GTA 5 Trailer Remade in Liberty City [GTAVTV, via VG247]


    Yeah, the trailer in GTA4. Seen before, for sure.

    If gta4 was set in liberty city, i would cry.

    Mind you, i still cried at the sight of a setting that's been done before. But at least they're swapping every 2 games i guess...

      GTA4 IS set in Liberty City. :)

    if this is indeed all in game footage (talking about gta V) then I'm really even more impressed now than when I first saw the trailer. When compared to GTA IV, it is amazing the level of detail they've managed to add. GTA IV really blew me away, but now after seeing what GTA V has to bring.. if they can amange to bring that much out of this generation of consoles' power, then GTA VI will be fucking groundbreaking

      It's not in-game footage.

    aaaah all the above comments. The previous video shown on Kotaku shows a side by side comparison to what looks like a sd console footage of the game or a very toned down version on the pc. This video is a closer replica of exact scene by scene with what resources were available in game.

    ummmmm....dont see a dog....LOL

    guys the title says "what if grand theft auto v was in liberty city" they are just showing us what it would look like if in gta iv.

    uhh, guys, the previous one was the GTAV trailer recreated in San Andreas...

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