When Cosplay Photography Is Sad And Melancholy

The cosplayers get all the acclaim and adoration. Ask any cosplayer, though, and he or she will tell you: Good photographers are key.

This is why some high profile Japanese cosplayers are reluctant to allow photographers that they don't usually work with to snap their photos. Cosplay photography is an art in its own way.

So let's look at a talented photographer who goes by the name Dappuru and, as he puts it, "is an improving cosplay photographer." His blog even expresses his desire to take cosplay into the realm of art.

The Kanagawa-based photographer is a regular at cosplay events, but what sets his work apart are his studio photographs. They're often in empty rooms and have a tinge of loneliness to them that you usually don't see in cosplay photographs—even when the photos are supposed to be light and airy.

If you like Dappuru's work, there are more photos in the link below.

コスプレ撮影日記byダップル [Official Site]

(All photos: ダップル)


    I wonder if there's room in that bathtub for me...

    This I like.

    Cosplay? Isn't this just fashion in Japan?

    Nothing says existential contemplation like photos people dressed up as music vocalization program mascots.

    I think the only time you've heard the word melancholy was while watching an anime about one Haruhi Suzumiya.

    Most of those seem to be trying to hard to be artistic. A few good shots thou.

    ...these are really average though :S

      well except for maybe 2 or 3. Other than a few, they're kinda meh.

    Agreed, some could be better, however as mentioned, there are some exceptional shots.

    Finally, a picture of Len where he looks like an abuse victim! Now he matches how the fan base treats him.

    To be honest, there are probably only 2 shots I think that's great. The others could have been composed better or redone really such as the ones with a lot of shadows. It just doesn't work with those characters really.

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