When Custom Characters Become The Stuff Of Nightmares

I don't know about you, but when I sit down to create a custom character, I take my time. Make sure he or she is looking as good, or at least as appropriate, as possible.

Actually, I do know about you. You're the opposite. You like to bend a character creation suite to your sick whims, create monsters that should be left out in the woods for wolves, not given a gun and told to save the world/galaxy/kingdom.

This thread over on NeoGAF is highlighting some of the abominations gamers have crafted for themselves, then had to sit in front of for hundreds of hours wondering how they even breathe, let alone aim a bow and arrow properly.

If anyone feels like adding their own, I'll update the gallery accordingly.

When character creation goes wrong! [NeoGAF]


    Can it wait for a bit? I'm in the mid---OH GOD.

      LOL! and Kotaku blamed you!

    What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

    Oh my god. Make the laughing stop, it hurts!

    My Shepard looks like the one taking cover. I tried to make him look like me, but forgot to check it side-on before I accepted the design :P

      I did the same thing. I spent a good 20 min getting the face as close to mine as possible. When i clicked accept I didnt realize that I forgot to give him a chin.

    Dragon Age 1 allowed for some pretty goddamn hilarious combinations if you chose the Dwarf Male template. Truly, some horrid creatures came from that.

    Most just generated a smirk, but that last one of Shepard, oh dear god. That said, I imagine that's what a person who's ship gets show down, burns up in atmosphere and has to be brought back to life bit by bit would look like.

    here's a goldmine of creepy

    So which one would you pump to keep the human race going if they were the last people on Earth? *Did I actually say that?!

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