Where Is Our First-Person, True-To-Scale Frogger Game?

A gigantic frog terrorises motorists in Dorkly's latest video short, which raises a question: Why hasn't anyone delivered a more realistic frog crossing the road simulator?

It's a silly concept, but I'd definitely play a new version of the arcade classic Frogger in which a tiny amphibian tries to cross a full-size highway. High definition cars racing past at breakneck speed, tall blades of grass swaying tantalizingly in the distance; perhaps the sound of the tiny creature's heart pounding in its chest during a near-miss. Particularly fast vehicles could lift our hero off the ground, caught in the rush of air left in their wake.

Perhaps I'm over-thinking this. I mean, it doesn't need to be Forza-quality vehicles and textures. Or does it? If we're gonna do this, might as well go all out. Who's with me? Cheer enthusiastically and then forget about the whole thing tomorrow!


    Nah... just add a spectator mode to TrackMania Canyon, with Frogger as a minigame...

    "Why hasn’t anyone delivered a more realistic frog crossing the road simulator?"

    Because the Battle of Hastings isn't an interesting enough time period to set a game in. And we know how it ends anyway.

    I love that the ad was after the content. I've never seen that before. I actually watched it.

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